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What Are the Benefits of Working in a Coworking Space? | Office Evolution

If you have met someone who works out of a coworking space, the chances are good that he or she probably has a lot of positive things to…

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Is Coworking a Good Fit for You? | Office Evolution Flowood (Jackson)

If you have been following workplace trends in recent years, you have likely heard of coworking—but do you know exactly what it is? Coworking is essentially a shared…

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Rise of the Third Place: A Creative Alternative to the Home and Office

Our friends at LiquidSpace have a great new blog article out, and we wanted to share! As more and more companies are looking for options for their current…

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How to Use Work from Anywhere to Your Company’s Advantage

A scattered workforce nightmare may be the best opportunity to pivot, restructure, save on overhead, and implement strategies for expansive growth. 

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Ready to Start a Business? Think About Brand Strategy Before You Start Spending.

Ready to start your business? Many who start a business launch in the industry they have been working in already have some familiarity. Due to this, many assume…

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On-Site Health is Now Open!

Nearly 9 years ago in a small Filipino village with no running water, no electricity, and no access to healthcare, Greg Tisdale, MSN, FNP-C, had the opportunity to…

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A Business ‘Graduation’ Story From Office Evolution Flowood (Jackson)!

At Office Evolution, we celebrate entrepreneurs and businesses that start or move into our office space and later become so successful that they outgrow their space and need…

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Clark Office Space

Here’s What Every Potential Franchisee Needs to Do During Discovery Day

A discovery day hosted by a franchisor is an opportunity for a potential franchisee to make the final determination on signing a franchise agreement. A discovery day is typically…

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Private Office at Office Evolution Avalon Alpharetta

How to Implement a Work-From-Anywhere Growth Strategy Using a Hybrid Hub-and-Spoke Model

Coming out of the pandemic, many businesses are looking for options to tap into new markets without a large overhead or additional employees. There are new ways to…

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