On-Site Health is Now Open!

Picture1Nearly 9 years ago in a small Filipino village with no running water, no electricity, and no access to healthcare, Greg Tisdale, MSN, FNP-C, had the opportunity to provide healthcare to an “unreached” people. Over the course of his time there, he began to feel a tug in his heart to the populations of people who have little to no access to healthcare and community. As his dreams developed, he traveled to Haiti, Guatemala, and Iraq providing healthcare through mission organizations. Over the next few years, he worked towards his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mississippi College and gained experience as a nurse in medical-surgical, oncology, and hospice departments. After graduating from Mississippi University for Women as a family nurse practitioner, he managed patient care in areas of outpatient oncology, in-patient/in-home hospice, and family medicine at a local free clinic. During that time, he and his wife began the process of readying their family for a journey into healthcare on the international mission front. God had a different plan for them, however, and steadily re-directed his vision of making a difference in this world by outstretching his arms to different countries into simply reaching out a hand to his neighbors and community right where he was located. He began to see that the “unreachable” population he dreamed to serve was living all around him. This population of people deserved quality healthcare and someone who is willing to reach out to them and see their needs and hear their voices.


As he talks about his passion for helping others, Greg tells us, “On-Site Health’s goal is to reach thePicture2 unreachable of Mississippi. I want to provide access to healthcare that can be on-going and convenient for the patients and their caregivers. Home-based primary care is preventative medicine that can provide vigilant patient monitoring and care management. With appropriate care and regular visits, chronic conditions can be better managed with collaboration of local resources to hopefully improve quality of life. Having the ability to bring in a provider into the home will help patients avoid unnecessary emergency department visits and hospitalizations. It is proactive and preemptive care which will decrease re-admissions, decrease the need for emergency department admission, avoid worsening of condition or complications, and decrease medication errors in the home.”


According to statistics published by the Home Centered Care Institute from research by the Veteran’s Administration, there are nearly 2 million “invisible homebound” who consist of adults with limited access to visit a physician’s office due to frailty or a serious illness. In their study, the Veteran’s Administration enrolled 9,425 patients to a direct primary care model and saw 10.8% lower annual Medicare costs with 83% of highest ever patient satisfaction scores and decreased readmissions by 50%. He explains, “Mississippi’s need is comparable to this data as families struggle financially after the pandemic and with ever-changing government policies. In my time as a Registered Nurse and a Nurse Practitioner in areas of healthcare such as the medical-surgical setting, adult oncology units, family medicine, and hospice care, I have seen first-hand that everyone does not have the same access to quality and compassionate healthcare services. These experiences are what led me to seek out more information and eventually led me to start a house-call practice.”


Although reaching the aging home-bound population is the main purpose driving On-Site Health’s practice, they will also be seeking to provide primary care services to another overwhelmed portion of the population: the “sandwich generation.” According to the Pew Research Center, the sandwich generation refers to adults who are raising children under 18 years of age or continue to financially support their adult children and are caring for at least one aging parent over the age of 65 years old. This group of middle-aged adults lead very busy lives and leave very little margin for seeking healthcare due to longer wait times and availability. Because they lack appropriate self-care and adequate rest, this generation of adults are at much higher risk for longer-term effects on their physical health and emotional well-being. So, Greg is giving them a little more time…his time. He is giving them the opportunity to care for themselves without taking away from any of their ongoing responsibilities. There is no mistaking where Greg’s heart is after talking with him. He goes on to say, “I want to make a difference in this world, and I want to make it right here where I live. If that means I am traveling to treat patients who are home-bound in the morning; meeting a trucker on his way out of town at the local gas station at lunch; and meeting a single mother of three at her son’s soccer game that night because she is juggling two games and a newborn and has no time for a follow-up appointment; then that is where I will go! I want to meet the needs of my patients where they need me most…right where they are in that moment.”


Picture3Since introducing the practice on social media platforms, On-Site Health’s posts have reached over 11,000 people in this area with over 500 page likes in a matter of days. The newly formed company has been overwhelmed with support and have already identified potential needs in the community. Just browse a few of the comments on any post and see how On-Site Health is inspiring the community and those who live in the area to reach out and seek the kind of healthcare that they deserve. As he thinks back over the last year, he tells us, “What a wild ride this has been! I am literally watching a dream unfold in front of me. And even though getting to this point has taken a lot of energy and time, it feels like just yesterday I was signing a contract with Office Evolution to create a so-called ‘landing place’ for the practice. Honestly, setting up my office here was one of my best decisions early on because I was immediately immersed into a culture of growing businesses. The atmosphere is constantly buzzing with networking opportunities and resources, and the staff have one goal…to help me live out my dreams.”

And at Office Evolution, we have had the privilege of standing on the sidelines and cheering onPicture4 Greg and many other start-up companies doing exactly that: living out their dreams. Be sure to check-out what Greg and On-Site Health are doing for our area of Mississippi. You won’t regret it. Whether at a soccer game or in a home, On-Site Health is providing services that is creating a new culture in Mississippi healthcare. They are ready to come to you for simple check-ups, establishing care as a primary provider, annual vaccinations, DOT Physicals, or even monoclonal antibody injections. Request an appointment online today through the patient portal on their website!

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