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Wesley Pendergrass

May 22, 2024

Fantastic co-working space! Wish I lived closer.

Ricky Romanek

Mar 13, 2024

This is the spot if you are looking for a coworking space, or small office. I toured several other locations around the area and this one has done it right. Cliff and Angela, the owners, are local and present and care about their customers. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Trey Goff

Feb 27, 2024

Best co-working space in all of the greater Jackson area. Clean, nice, well furnished, excellent management & ownership that are very responsible, great amenities, literally 2 minutes from the airport, 24/7 access. Absolutely amazing place! If you’re looking for a small office or co-working space in the greater Jackson area, this is it, look no further! You won’t find a better combination of value and price.

Trey Goff

Feb 27, 2024

Best co-working & office space in the greater Jackson area! From management to ownership to cleanliness to furnishings to amenities and services, everything is absolutely ideal. You won’t find a better value for this price anywhere in else in the greater Jackson metro area.

Becky Smith

Feb 13, 2024

My name is Rebecca Smith. I really enjoy having my office, 1st Choice Direct Insurance Group located at Office Evolution in Flowood, MS. The location is perfect being in the heart of Flowood near restaurants, post office, banks and shopping. Office Evolution is a place I feel confident to meet my clients and other business owners in one of their luxurious and spacious conference rooms equipped to use for zoom calls or face to face meetings. They have friendly and professional staff who will greet my guest when they arrive and offer hot coffee in the kitchen complimentary. Office Evolution has the complete setup I need as a small business owner and has the capability to accommodate as I grow my business. Thank you Cliff and Angela for all you do to make my work days at the office run as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Johnny Hughes

Jan 19, 2024

Great experience all around. Everybody is extremely friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend!

Johnny Hughes

Jan 19, 2024

Great experience all around. Everybody is extremely friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend!


Jan 08, 2024

Wonderful staff!

Charles Swearingen

Oct 19, 2023

I recently commenced a lease with Office Evolution in Flowood, MS, and the experience has been nothing short of exemplary. From the onset, the leasing process was seamless, devoid of unnecessary complexities, a testament to their professionalism and client-focused approach.

The building itself exudes a sophisticated charm, complemented by spacious interiors that create an ideal work ambiance. My office is more than just a physical space; it’s a conducive environment that stimulates productivity and creative thinking. The meticulous nightly cleanings ensure a consistently pristine condition, a small but significant detail that makes each workday start on a fresh note.

In terms of amenities, Office Evolution has exceeded expectations. The provision of both a PO Box and a physical address is a thoughtful touch, acknowledging the varied postal needs of a modern business. However, it’s the endless supply of complimentary coffee and snacks that has become a delightful perk of working here — it’s almost like they’re an investment in themselves!

Above all, it’s the little things that have culminated in a 5-star experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Office Evolution Flowood to any professional seeking an office space that appreciates the finer details and understands the broader strokes of what makes a workspace not just functional, but exceptional.

Charles F. Swearingen
Paramedic/ Small Business Owner

Charleen Sproles

Sep 27, 2023

I began looking for an office space for my first counseling office in February and didn’t find anything that met my professional needs. After looking at many different office options in the Flowood, MS area, I found Office Evolution and was impressed. I’ve been at home here since the day I moved in. They meet every professional need in an all inclusive office. Also, the services they offer to professionals are top-notch in every area. Office Evolution has surpassed any expectation that I ever had.

Michele Harris

Aug 14, 2023

Office Evolution , what an amazing concept for a very affordable monthly fee ! The co working area has served my needs perfectly, as a remote employee for a large insurance carrier I am able to conduct my duties in a professional environment and utilize all the added amenities that come along with my plan such as meeting space, Wi-Fi, community printer, copier, scanner, and so much more. I am 100% more productive!

Greg Tisdale

Aug 03, 2023

Office Evolution helped me during my initial start-up phase! I am forever grateful for the connections made during my time as a tenant!

Anne-Love Helveston

Jul 12, 2023

The private offices are an excellent option for individuals looking to grow business endeavors. Office Evolution cultivates an atmosphere of like-minded individuals who are striving to be the best in each of their respective fields. The management and service of the building are impeccable, and they will go above and beyond to help your business succeed. Could not recommend them enough!

Emily Brown

Apr 26, 2023

So much more than just an office space! In addition to the beautiful offices and impressive conference rooms that are available to you, they frequently host and provide access to networking events that are incredibly valuable to businessowners. The owners and staff are not only friendly, but eager to assist and help your business succeed. If you are searching for the right place for your business home – look no further. Booking a tour of this gorgeous place and seeing firsthand all of the resources that would be made available to me is what convinced me then. Now, almost two years later – I am only more sure that I made the best decision. Office Evolution is a fountain of value that just keeps producing.

Darin Rowell

Apr 19, 2023

Excellent experience!

Peter A. Stewart III

Jul 15, 2022

They have been everything I wanted, I expected and more. I wanted a place where I could grow my law practice, that would grow with me. Office Evolution did just that. Everything they said, they did. That’s enough for me.

Emily Justice

Mar 11, 2022

Office Evolution provides an oasis of affordable office amenities and access in Central Mississippi and beyond. This Flowood location cultivates a collaborative atmosphere. The owners and manager truly listen and do a great job of accommodating client needs. I can’t recommend this place enough.

Shon Shon Adams

Feb 13, 2022

Pleasant facilities and clean.

Tony Ingram

Jan 24, 2022

Perfect environment for business

Alizay Naqvi

Oct 17, 2021

Nicole McCardle

Sep 21, 2021

Office Evolution has been one of the biggest blessings when it comes to starting our new business. We moved in around March, and loved Office Evolution the second we stepped in the building. Adam is always willing to lend a helping hand, and has also helped us make connections that we would not have made otherwise.

The community aspect of Office Evolution is unlike any other space in Mississippi. If you are in need of a service, there is probably a business down the hall that can help. And if they can’t, someone knows someone who can. Resources are not guarded here, they are shared. And any business owner knows what a difference that can make to your success.

The office itself is always clean, the kitchen feels like my own kitchen at home, and the meeting rooms are great when you need to have a professional meeting or impress a client. Adam always makes sure that there are water bottles and other supplies available.

Thank you Adam, Cliff, and Anglea for all you do!

Eric Hughes

Sep 17, 2021

Our business is built on relationships. But when you think about a “co-working space, relationship-building isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. You think good wi-fi, clean cubicles, breakrooms, free coffee, and flexible meeting spaces. We found all of that and more at Office Evolution Flowood, but we also found something completely unexpected: A highly motivated, well-connected micro-community that could help us grow.

Before we joined Office Evolution Flowood, we tried a few co-working spaces in town. We had also collaborated with clients and partner firms in co-working space in other markets. Our tour at OE was a breath of fresh air. We saw how well-designed and flexible the work and meeting space options were, and the clean, well-appointed break rooms and printer areas were impressive.

But as nice as they are, those elements are not the most valuable assets of our membership. Not by a long shot. It turns out the most rewarding, business-growing aspect of our investment has been the other business owners in the “tribe” that we have come to know. We were instantly welcomed by them and, with a little networking enabled by Cliff and Adam, we instantly began collaborating, teaching, learning, and sharing insights as we all journeyed through this world of entrepreneurship together. We’ve helped each other navigate challenges, avoid land mines, and celebrate successes.

We can say from experience that you don’t get that working from home, and you don’t always find it working within a corporate space. But you’ll find it at Office Evolution. And that makes the free coffee that much tastier.

MaryAnna Penton

Jul 14, 2021

Office Evolution is a great place to work. Adam and Cliff are so friendly and helpful. If you are searching for office space, give them a call for a tour of this exceptional facility!

Jessica Cooley

Apr 30, 2021

Office Evolution is more than just meeting or office space – it’s a place where entrepreneurs connect, form friendships, help build their businesses while building relationships. Great atmosphere!

Michael Carraway

Apr 30, 2021

Office Evolution is not just office and meeting space. While the facilities and services are top-notch, it’s the community of business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs that take the value to a completely unexpected level. Networking and personal connection opportunities with great people abound in the OE environment, along with excellent office and meeting facilities.

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