Got a stress headache?

With the world changing below our feet everyday, we need a way to relieve stress. I found this great short read for a 12 ways of stress relief. Along with these quick tips having your own personal space to work from relieves stress as well. Here at Office Evolution Folsom we are truly here to help you have the most successful business you can.


Stress affects people differently, but for many people stress manifests in the body as pain. Stress is often felt in the shoulders, neck, face and head, upper back and stomach (among other places). Try releasing that tension with a few quick stretching stress relief exercises you can do without even leaving your office! 

32 Picnic Area

You can take a quick walk over to the quiet benches under a great tree just outside your office. Office Evolution Folsom is centrally located near the Palladio and has a walking path close by.