Taking a Mental Break: Easy Ways To Meditate At Work

As the times of Covid-19 are passing we have been mentally broken down.  Dealing with the everyday, kids, families, and work. Trying to find a quiet place to work and still be productive can be difficult for everyone.

Here is an article I found that can help you get you mind back in focus. OE Folsom is a locally owned and operated location close to schools and immersed in the community. 

Here is a small snip-it from the article
Many people allow work to overwhelm them, seeking solace in the weekends and evenings that they have free. However, if you care about your job, it’s important that you discover ways in which you can stop the stress from piling up at work, which is likely affecting your output and overall productivity.”


Here is a link to the full article: https://www.coworker.com/mag/taking-a-mental-break-easy-ways-to-meditate-at-work