5 Advantages of a Virtual Receptionist in Fort Collins

Office Evolution® Fort Collins is primarily known for our shared office rentals and memberships. But we have a lot more to offer than high-quality workspace. We also provide a range of professional resources and services, including virtual receptionist plans.

For busy professionals and small business owners in Fort Collins, a virtual answering service can be indispensable. Our basic phone answering plans give you 60 minutes of live answering and call forwarding each month. We also offer upgrade plans that include features like call screening, call forwarding for multiple numbers, and add-on services.

To help you figure out if our call answering service is right for your needs, we’ve compiled five of the most important benefits offered by our virtual receptionist plans.

Professional Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

  1. Distraction-free workflow. A phone call in the middle of an important task can derail an otherwise productive workday. This is particularly frustrating when the call is unimportant, like a spam call or wrong number. By hiring a virtual answering service with call screening, you can banish these kinds of interruptions from your workday.
  2. Improved customer service. When clients call your business, they aren’t hoping to speak with your voicemail. Yet data shows that, left to our own devices, most of us pick up the phone on fewer than 60% of incoming calls. With a live answering service, you can make sure every caller to your business is greeted by a real person instead of a recording.
  3. Affordable phone answering. Having a dedicated personal receptionist might be a dream come true, but it’s an expensive one. In Colorado, it costs about $1,500 a week in wages alone to hire a full-time employee. A virtual answering service, meanwhile, can cost as little at 10% of that number, making these services a great fit for smaller budgets.
  4. Increased productivity. Unsure what kind of results you can expect from a live answering service? We have the numbers to help you find out. A basic live answering plan from Office Evolution Fort Collins adds 2+ hours to each workweek for the typical client — an increase of 100+ hours over the course of a full year.
  5. Professional service discounts. Live answering services often come bundled with additional tools, resources, and/or services for busy professionals. Our virtual receptionist plans, for example, include features like meeting room rental discounts, access to co-working space, and business address services, depending on which plan you choose.

Office Evolution Fort Collins provides virtual receptionist services to professionals in Fort Collins, CO and surrounding areas, including Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, and Johnstown as well as Cheyenne, WY. Call us today at (970) 212-3300 to learn more.

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