5 Professional Benefits to Coworking in Fort Collins

If you work in Fort Collins, CO, you’ve likely noticed the growing community of coworking professionals in north Colorado. You’ve probably also noticed how positive the energy around shared workspaces seems to be. So you might be wondering: why is Fort Collins suddenly falling in love with coworking?

A report from September, 2015, issue of the Harvard Business Review could help you find an answer. Over several years, researchers from the University of Michigan collected data from hundreds of professionals across a wide range of work environments. What they discovered was that workers in shared work environments reported thriving at levels so much higher than professionals in typical offices that the researchers had to double-check their own data to make sure they hadn’t made a mistake.

How Coworking Empowers Fort Collins Professionals

Over the past few years, professionals in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, Johnstown, and Cheyenne, WY, have been discovering the benefits of coworking for themselves. At Office Evolution® Fort Collins, we’ve had the chance to see those benefits in action. Below, we’ve collected five of the biggest reasons workers thrive in shared work environments.

  1. Flexibility. A shared work environment gives you total control over your work-life. Coworking spaces like Office Evolution Fort Collins are open 24/7, meaning early mornings and late nights are possible whenever you need them. You can also take a break whenever you need one, set your own priorities, or choose to work from home on days where that’s more convenient.
  2. Productivity. Workspace design is strongly tied to workers’ productivity and performance. At Office Evolution Fort Collins, our space is centered around design principles that are proven to encourage focus, motivation, and performance. Best of all, our space is free of the distractions that interrupt you at home or at your office.
  3. Community. One of the biggest revelations of the University of Michigan study was the sense of community they discovered in shared work environments. Without office politics and corporate culture pressures, workers reported a far higher sense of belonging and camaraderie within shared workspaces, helping them find meaning in their day-to-day work-life.
  4. Opportunity. Shared workspaces like Office Evolution Fort Collins are the perfect places to build your professional network. Community members have a much wider range of backgrounds and connections than in a typical office environment. On any given day, you could be just a few seats away from your next major professional contact.
  5. Teamwork. The community atmosphere in shared workplaces makes them ideal spaces for teamwork and innovation. The range of professional skillsets and backgrounds creates the perfect collaborative workspace, one that fosters mutual support and sparks new ideas.

You can experience these benefits for yourself when you join or rent a coworking space. Our coworking memberships give you access to the perfect local coworking space in Fort Collins, CO. We offer a range of membership options, plus dedicated work space for rent within our office. Grab a free cup of coffee or tea and find your space within a thriving community of independent professionals.

Call 970-212-3300 today to learn more about coworking at Office Evolution Fort Collins and get a free hour of shared workspace access.

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