5 Signs It's Time to Move Your Home Office to an Office Rental in Fort Collins

Your home office has served your business well in the past. But now that you’re trying to expand your business, could working from home be holding you back? Growing a business in Fort Collins, CO can be difficult from a home office. If you’re worried about the limitations of your home office, it may be time to consider an office rental with Office Evolution® Fort Collins.

How Your Home Office Puts Limits On Your Business

How can a home office impede your business? Entrepreneurs in Fort Collins may find themselves limited in a number of ways working from a home office instead of an office rental. In a recent survey, work-from-home business owners most commonly reported that their home office led to serious issues with time management (41%), attracting new clients (34%), and disruptions from family and friends (32%).

These issues can impact your business in noticeable ways. Five of the biggest signs that entrepreneurs in Fort Collins might need to make the switch from a home office to an office rental include:

  1. Limitations on Billable Hours. When your business relies on billable hours, a home office can hamper profitability. If you’ve noticed you can’t seem to dedicate enough time to revenue generating hours, you might need a space with fewer distractions and admin responsibilities.
  2. Your Address is Impacting Your Image. It can be difficult to attract a certain level of clientele with a residential address. If you’re struggling to bring your business to the next level, potential clients could be underestimating you because they know you’re a work-from-home operation.
  3. Lack of Proper Meeting Space. A home office makes it hard to find private meeting space. Your local coffee shop has privacy concerns, an unprofessional image, and makes it tough to conduct meetings with more than two or three people.
  4. Space and Equipment Limitations. Are lack of resources impacting your ability to be productive at home? If your space, furniture, and equipment can’t keep up with your business, a fully furnished and equipped private office rental may be the smarter investment.
  5. Poor Personal/Professional Boundaries. When your business is going through a growth phase, you might find the boundaries between your personal and professional lives start to blur. A home office makes this much more difficult than an office rental.

Benefits to an Office Rental in Fort Collins, CO

Office Evolution® Fort Collins is the perfect place for your business to make the leap from your home office to an office rental. Our Private Office rentals in Fort Collins offer:

  • A dedicated private office space where you can work without distractions.
  • Office furnishings, essentials, and key equipment already in place.
  • Reception and phone answering services to limit interruptions to your workday.
  • Access to private, fully-equipped meeting areas.
  • Professional mailing address for your business.
  • Great location close to Colorado State University and its business community.
  • Proximity to Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, and Johnstown, CO, and Cheyenne, WY.

Call 970-212-3300 to learn more about our Private Office rentals in Fort Collins, CO.