3 Ways Golden Professionals Can Beat the Work from Home Blues

Over the past several years, technology has changed so much about the way we work. It’s also changed where we work. Now that laptops, tablets, and smartphones have untethered us from traditional office space, more and more people are choosing to ditch their commute and do their jobs at home. Here in Golden, CO, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the number of professionals who now work from home.

But at Office Evolution® Golden, we’ve also noticed something else too. A lot of professionals in the Golden area are discovering that working from home has more drawbacks than they first expected. Some say they’re less productive. Others say they can’t stay focused. And many say they simply enjoy their jobs less.

The good news? We’ve got three solutions to make working from home in Golden a more enjoyable work experience.

1. Do You Work From Home? Create a More Workable Space

These days, forward-thinking businesses are investing in workplace design. At Office Evolution Golden, it’s something that we’ve made a core focus of our workspace. We chose a building that was LEED certified and offered plenty of natural light, and when we designed our work environment, we made sure to follow principles of productive and ergonomic design.

If you work from home, you should care just as much about your work environment. Instead of working from your couch or your breakfast nook, you should have a dedicated home office. What’s more, that office should include features proven to foster productivity and improve your mood. These include:

  • Clean work surface
  • Posture-friendly furniture
  • Ergonomic layout
  • Functional organization
  • Natural light
  • Greenery

2. Open Up Your Schedules

When you work from home — in Golden or anywhere else — it’s easy to feel like you’re getting boxed in. Not many people realize how claustrophobic it can feel when you work and live inside the same four walls. You can go a full day, or even a full week, without leaving your front door. So it’s little surprise that one of the biggest complaints from home-based workers is how lonely it feels to work from home.

Beating the work from home blues often means making an effort to avoid becoming isolated. This could mean joining a local professional organization that holds regular events. It might mean a weekly lunch with colleagues, or making more time during evenings for friends. Our best tip: Use one of your work breaks each day to go outside and take a short walk.

3. Try a Shared Workspace

If you work from home in Golden, the cure for the work from home blues might be joining the coworking community at Office Evolution Golden. Our shared workspace memberships offer professionals who work from home in Golden an affordable alternative to their home office.

Whether you’re spending your whole workweek with us, or just a few hours here and there, our coworking space is the perfect change-of-pace to working from home. Our space is designed to maximize your productivity, and you’ll be joining a thriving community of other professionals. You’ll also get access to key workplace amenities, including free Wi-Fi, essential office equipment, and discounts on professional meeting space.

Join the coworking community at Office Evolution Golden and beat the work from home blues! Claim a free hour of coworking and learn more about your membership options by calling us today at 303-447-6845.

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