Boardroom Must-Haves for Meetings in Golden CO

If you’re conducting a meeting in Golden CO, but you don’t have access to a suitable boardroom, finding the right space can be a bit of a challenge. It’s an even bigger challenge if you’ve never rented a meeting space before and aren’t sure which features you’ll need in a conference room rental.

At Office Evolution® Golden, we know how crucial the right space can be to an effective professional meeting. That’s true whether you work from a home office and need a space for face-to-face meetings, are visiting Golden on business and need a place for professional meet-ups, or operate a small business and need a bigger meeting room for training sessions.

So to help you find the right meeting space for your needs, here are five must-haves to look for in a Golden boardroom rental.

Need-to-Have Qualities in a Boardroom for Rent

  1. Easy to Find, Easy to Access. Nobody wants to spend more time commuting each way to a meeting than they’ll spend in the meeting itself. So focus on locations that are easy for meeting participants to find and access. Look for proximity to major roads and highways and available parking.
  2. Strong Meeting Room Design. It’s easy to overlook key aspects of meeting room design when you’re renting a boardroom or conference room. But studies have shown that the lighting, configuration, ergonomics, and even color scheme of a conference room can affect participants’ abilities to collaborate and focus.
  3. Size Suited to Your Needs. If you rent an overlarge meeting space for a one-on-one meeting, you’re undermining the personal, face-to-face approach that many clients appreciate. On the other hand, a space that’s too small for your group will, at best, leave people feeling cramped. At worst, it could sink the effectiveness of your meeting.
  4. Meeting Equipment. That PowerPoint you spent the last two weeks on? It’s not much use without equipment to show it off. So if you’ll need a projector or a TV for your meeting, make sure you have one available. The same goes for teleconferencing equipment, whiteboards, and other meeting tools and equipment.
  5. Onsite Staff and Support. If something goes wrong in the middle of your meeting, you’ll appreciate responsive onsite support. Support staff can help you troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment, locate necessary materials, make adjustments to layout or furnishings, and anything else you might need help with.

Boardroom Rentals at Office Evolution Golden

If you’re looking for a boardroom rental in Golden, the team at Office Evolution Golden can help you find what you’re looking for. Located just off of I-70, we offer a range of meeting rooms and conference spaces for rent at affordable hourly rates. Our spaces were designed to optimize collaboration, communication, and focus, and can accommodate up to 18 people.

Conference room rentals at Office Evolution Golden include a range of features and available services, giving you everything you need to run an effective meeting, including meeting equipment, complimentary Wi-Fi, staffed reception, and onsite support.

Call 303-447-6845 today to reserve your space or to learn more about boardroom rentals at Office Evolution Golden!