How a Coworking Space in Golden Can Help Your Career Thrive

Having a hard time finding a workspace that works for you? If you’re located in Golden, CO, the perfect workspace might be closer than you think. With a coworking membership at Office Evolution® Golden, you’ll join a thriving community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals. Best of all, you’ll discover all the career-boosting benefits that coworking has to offer.

Those benefits could be much more substantial than you think. Recent studies have discovered that the advantages of shared workspaces are far more extensive than experts previously suspected. Most famously, a study by researchers from the University of Michigan found that professionals in shared work environments thrived at “unheard of” levels — more than 20% higher than professionals in traditional offices.

Wondering what makes these spaces such effective work environments? You’re not alone. Researchers, employers, and workspace designers have been asking the same question for the past few years.

How Coworking in Golden Drives Success

As the Golden area’s favorite shared workplace, Office Evolution Golden is home to a thriving coworking community. We’ve not only seen how beneficial it can be to rent a coworking space, we’ve also seen what sets these spaces apart from traditional office environments.

Below, we’ve compiled five of the biggest advantages to joining a local coworking space in Golden, CO.

  1. Positive Energy. One of the most surprising things about shared workplaces is how much they don’t feel like “work.” In surveys, sense of community in shared workplaces actually exceeds traditional offices. Workers feel more comfortable being themselves, and relationships develop more organically in these spaces. Members of shared work environments often rave about the supportive, friendly, and accepting atmosphere of their workplace.
  2. Collaborative Workspace. The community atmosphere of shared work environments offers benefits beyond positive energy. Unlike a typical work environment, members of a shared workplace come from a wide range of industries, bringing an array of skills and experiences to the table. This creates the ideal collaborative workspace — a place where diverse talents come together and perspectives collide, breeding an atmosphere of teamwork and innovation.
  3. Flexibility and Freedom. Joining a shared workspace means you choose your own schedule, set your own priorities, and work whatever way works best for you. Coworking spaces like Office Evolution Golden provide 24/7 access to workspace members, meaning you can work as early or as late as you like, no matter the day of the week or time of the year.
  4. Focus and Performance. With total control over your work-life, developing productive work habits is easier than ever. A shared workspace also gives you a space where you can wall yourself off from distractions and interruptions. This way, you can work with improved focus and mental clarity, giving your performance a much-needed boost.
  5. Office Perks and Resources. Unlike a home office or your corner coffee shop, a shared workplace comes office perks and resources — things like shared equipment, onsite support, and a community kitchen. At Office Evolution Golden, a coworking membership also includes free coffee and tea, staffed reception services, high-speed Wi-Fi and discounts on work space for rent, like meeting rooms and day offices.

Ready to reap the benefits of coworking at Office Evolution Golden? Our shared workspace memberships are perfect for professionals in Golden and its surrounding communities. Contact us today and find out how you can get one free hour of shared workspace access.

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