Open for Business: New Ways of Working Signal Opportunity in Flex Office Space Market in Golden

Recently, Franchising USA Magazine, sat down with Office Evolution Founder and CEO, Mark Hemmeter, to discuss the surge in demand for flexible office space. The shared-office model has become more popular by the COVID-19 pandemic. People are more hesitant to be in large groups in confined spaces, and the idea of an open and flexible work environment, close to home, with a shorter commute, is more attractive than ever.

“The days of the traditional corporate office are dying,” Hemmeter stated. “People increasingly want to have options for how and where they work.

In addition to attracting suburban-focused entrepreneurs and small businesses, Office Evolution is attracting investors as well. As the largest franchisor in the shared office space category, Office Evolution operates from a single employee model which gives the franchisees the opportunity to balance work and leisure time.

For anyone who wants a simple, single-employee business to run part-time with 93% recurring income, Office Evolution is a good fit, Hemmeter said. Veterans receive a $5,000 discount on their first location and veterans are some of the company’s best franchisees, he added.

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