Telephone Answering Services in Golden: 5 Need-to-Know Stats

One of the most useful services for small businesses in Golden, CO, is professional telephone reception. Until recently, most small business owners had to hire a full-time receptionist if they wanted to delegate phone management. That’s changed with modern telephone answering services, which use offsite live agents and/or virtual receptionists to answer, screen, and forward incoming calls to their clients.

A telephone answering service is particularly useful for businesses in Golden who only have one or two staff members. If you struggle to keep up with incoming calls, or find that phone management is interrupting your workflow, then its time to start looking at local telephone answering companies.

But before you do, you’ll want to get the facts on telephone answering services, including where they add the most value and how virtual reception stacks up against live answering. Below, the team at Office Evolution® Golden has collected five key stats from recent studies.

Stats for Business Owners on Telephone Answering Services

  1. Consumers Prefer Live Agents. Whether you’re making a call or receiving one, nobody likes hearing a robot on the other end of the line. Or at least, almost nobody does. In a survey by HuffPost, only 3% of customers expressed a preference for automated answering systems. 90% of consumers said they preferred live answering to virtual reception.
  2. Consumers Dislike Virtual Receptionists. Nearly half of all callers feel so strongly about automated answering systems that in a survey by AchieveGlobal, 47% of respondents rated any call poorly if the phone wasn’t answered by a real person.
  3. Spam Calls Create Productivity Deficits. Spam phone calls are the bane of any small business owner’s workweek. Even a thirty-second interaction with a robocall or scripted salesperson can derail your focus and disrupt your workflow. According to ZDNet, US small businesses lose $500 million each year thanks to productivity losses caused by spam calls.
  4. Small Businesses Miss Most Phone Calls. Most small business owners handle telephone reception for their business. Most small business owners are also extremely busy. So it’s no surprise that most incoming calls to small businesses go unanswered. One study found small businesses only picked up on 38% of incoming calls.
  5. Most Callers Don’t Leave Messages. If you have voicemail in place for your business, missing a few calls might seem like no big deal. At least until you realize that most callers hang up as soon as your voicemail kicks in. 69% of all calls to voicemail end without a message from the caller according to data from communications journal Telecompaper.

Telephone Reception Company in Golden, CO

Here’s another key stat about telephone answering services. When small business owners in Golden take advantage of our live telephone reception plans, they save two hours each week on average. For the typical small business owner, that’s 100 hours of additional productivity every year.

Our telephone answering services include live answering for local businesses in Golden, and include a number of valuable add-on features. All plans come with personalized live greetings, voicemail-to-email functionality, discounts on day offices and meeting rooms, and a dedicated local phone number.

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