Two Low Risk Ways To Grow Your Business

Two Low Risk Ways to Grow Your Business:

An Interview with Chris Rodgers from Colorado SEO Pros.

Part of the culture of Office Evolution is to recognize and encourage small businesses for their awesome accomplishments.  As we talked about different clients, Chris Rodgers with Colorado SEO Pros stood out. Chris built his business from the ground up and contributes part of his success to the resources available through Office Evolution. We recently sat down with Chris and interviewed him about his success, where his business started and where it is going.  During his interview, Chris shared with us two low risk ways of growing a business.  Look for these two tips and enjoy our Q&A with Chris Rodgers from Colorado SEO Pros.

Tell us a little about your business and what you do.

My name is Chris Rodgers.  I’m the owner of Colorado SEO Pros.  We are a SEO Agency.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a process of helping a website rank within the search engines for the terms that help improve their business.

What sets you apart from your competition?

We are a boutique SEO Agency.  To us, this means we handle a limited number of clients at any given time.  We typically manage more sophisticated campaigns using some of the most advanced tools and software in the industry.  Part of our strategy involves investing heavily in software platforms that give us access to data that our competition can’t access.  I think we bring a level of sophistication to the table that is beyond what most of our competitors are doing.

How has the industry changed since you started your business?

In the last five years the SEO industry has changed dramatically.  Google has become extremely more sophisticated at serving up the best results for search engine users.  As a result, SEO has become much more difficult and much more challenging and there aren’t short cuts someone can take.  By in large, you need to hire someone you can trust to do a good job, someone that is going to be transparent with the work they are doing, and someone that has the experience that can drive your business goals.

Over the next 5-10 years, where do you see your business?

SEO Pros started out in my home office with myself and one analyst.  We moved into Office Evolution as a Virtual Office Client and hired two more people.  Since then, we’ve continued to grow as fast as we responsibility can bring on more clients.  In 5-10 years, I don’t see us managing a huge book of clients, because that’s not really the direction we want to go.  What we would like is to have our clients grow and for Colorado SEO Pros to become a more integral part of their business.

Who is your typical client?

There really isn’t a typical client.  We’ve managed enterprise level clients that have websites in countries across the world.  For those clients, we were working with multiple channels: marketing, PR and content management.  We have also worked with smaller local businesses.  For example, we have a dentist in Chicago that has 5 locations.  We work with startups and ecommerce sites as well. 

If you were to provide to our readers/listeners one business tip that would help their business grow.  What tip would you provide?

Create good content!  That’s a simple way you can improve what you’re doing without getting in trouble with SEO.  Think about the needs of your potential clients and customers, what they care about, and what services you have to offer them.  Then create pages around those products & services, and around those needs.  Most of all, be informative.  Balance out selling your business, and why you want people to come to you, and offer up valuable knowledge, and show expertise within your industry.  When you create a large amount of content on your site, that’s not just about you, but about the industry and the expertise you are offering the general public for free, you to naturally get noticed.  It’s also a good way for your site to naturally grow over time; and, by in large, if you are creating good content and good pages on your site, you’re not going to get dinged by Google.

What do you like most about Office Evolution?

Office Evolution allows us to grow in really a low risk way.  That’s the biggest benefit.  Long before we were in a positon to do a long term lease or even a short term lease, we were able to get into a professional work environment that allowed us to grow as a professional company.  Colorado SEO Pros has gone from a virtual office space where we had drop-in work stations; to now, where we have an executive office and we’re continuing to grow. We have been able to do this without signing 6 month or 12 month contracts for internet, electric and all of those things that really puts a small business at risk.  It’s been huge for us.

We are a small business with limited time and resources.  We have the phone answering service from Office Evolution and our phones are ringing a lot more today than 6 months ago.  Phone screening makes a big difference. 

Why did you choose Office Evolution?

We chose Office Evolution after going to a few different shared office spaces.  The value they [Office Evolution] offered for the money was very attractive. The office downtown in Denver was a good space for us.  Office Evolution fit our needs at a time when we were growing and has allowed us to keep moving forward as a business.


Did you catch the two low risk ways to grow your business?  If you missed them, we’ve recapped them below.

Low Risk Way to Grow Your Business Tip #1 was through Blogging.  Chris talked about how search engines and their algorithms have changed over time and that blogging was one of the best low risk ways of growing your online presence. 

Low Risk Way to Grow Your Business Tip #2 was using Office Evolution.  Chris outlined how Office Evolution didn’t require him to have multi-year contracts, heavy tenant finishes, or negotiate extensive contracts with internet providers, electrical providers, and other service providers.  Office Evolution took care of the headache for him and allowed him to focus on his budding business.  In addition to that, Office Evolution provides valuable services (i.e. phone answering, drop in space, and more) that have helped him grow his business and increase revenues.

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