Green Valley Business Center Greensboro Phone Answering Service

“Picking Up” on your Clients Interests

Restaurants in Greensboro will “Blow the Taste Buds Out of Your Mouth”.

However, if you want to “blow away” your leads…Pick up the phone.

An article from emphasizes the importance of answering your phone and how a professional telephone answering service may help.  One of their survey respondents was quoted as saying, 


“Three times in the past week I have lost jobs to people because my voicemail picked up. One person was called back within five minutes of their call! All of them said that I was recommended but since I didn’t answer, they just went to the next brochure or number”.

Our Proven System:

Our proven four step system will help you capture more leads and, in turn, close more sales.  Here’s how the Remote Receptionist service works.

  1. Answer

    Your dedicated local telephone number will be personally (and professionally) answered.  You’ll even be able to customize your greeting message.

    “Thanks for calling the best…”
  2. Screen

    Unwanted callers are a thing of the past.  Give us a list and we’ll discretely dismiss callers.  This saves you tons of time, money and resources.
  3. Announce

    Paging Mr. Entrepreneur…Paging Mr. Entrepreneur.  Your time is extremely valuable.  Let us help you maximize your productivity.  Each caller will be professionally announced.  If you’d like to take the call, great.  If not, that’s ok too.
  4. Transfer

    We transfer the call and hop off letting you take over and close the deal.  This is a huge savings for you and your business.  We only track the time we’re on the call.  A 45 second call is only 45 seconds (not 60 seconds).

Looking for something a little more streamlined?  We also provide a “lite” version called Live Answering.  It’s perfect for the entrepreneur who simply needs to make sure that the phone gets answered by a professional.