5 Home Office Crises that Point to a Greensboro Office Rental

Working from home has a lot to offer Greensboro’s entrepreneurs and independent professionals. But if your small business outgrows your home office, it can lead to big problems. At that point, transitioning from a home office to an office rental in Greensboro is likely your best option.

When Your Business Outgrows Your Home Office

A home office can be a cost-effective choice when you’re starting a small business in Greensboro. But home offices have limits. If you’re in a period of growth, you might start to feel walled in by your home office. Common challenges of operating a home office — like trouble attracting new clients or scaling operations — can transform from minor issues into major crises.

So, how can Greensboro’s small business owners tell when it’s time for an office rental? If you’re running into any of the five red flags below, an office upgrade might be in your near future.

  1. Distractions Holding You Back. As your business grows, your workweek grows too. Half of all entrepreneurs work 50+ hours a week. One in five work 60+. But those extra hours can be seriously compromised if family distractions start to impact your performance.
  2. Small Tasks Eating Up Time. In a home office, you’re the only employee. Answering the phones? Cleaning the office? Troubleshooting equipment? Those jobs all fall in your lap. If you need more time for high-priority work items, you need a space that minimizes these kinds of small tasks.
  3. Lack of Crucial Resources. Growing businesses demand more and more resources. No matter how well designed, your home office simply doesn’t have the space or infrastructure to support infinite growth. When it starts to hit its limits, your business will feel the effects.
  4. Problems Landing New Clients. Trouble attracting clients is the second most common problementrepreneurs experience with home offices. A lack of networking opportunities, a residential business address, and lack of professional meeting space all contribute to the problem.
  5. Poor Work/Life Boundaries. Working from home can be great — until it starts to feel like you’re living at work. If your home office has thrown off your work/life balance, you may need an office rental in Greensboro to right the ship.

Upgrading to an Office Rental in Greensboro, NC

Office Evolution® of the Triad offers Private Office rentals in Greensboro, the perfect upgrade to your home office. Our office rentals help small business owners in the Greensboro area overcome home office challenges and obstacles by offering:

  • Distraction-free work environment, in quiet, private, dedicated office space.
  • Fully furnished offices designed for focus and productivity.
  • Phone answering and mail management services to help minimize small tasks.
  • Access to conference rooms, onsite support, and office equipment.
  • Minutes away from neighborhoods like Hamilton Lakes, Latham Park, Irving Park, Lake Brandt, Starmount Forest, and Hilltop.
  • Short drive from other Triad communities, including High Point, Jamestown, Oak Ridge, and Summerfield.

When it’s time to shut down the home office, call 336-660-6444 to find your office rental with Office Evolution Greensboro.