5 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist in Greensboro

At Office Evolution® Greensboro NC, one of our most popular features is our virtual receptionist service. We provide virtual answering plans with all our workspace rentals, as part of an upgraded coworking membership, or as a standalone service for local professionals and small business owners in Greensboro.

Our call answering service is the perfect phone management solution for local freelancers and small business owners in Greensboro, offering substantial productivity benefits. On a basic virtual receptionist plan, the typical client saves 2+ hours a week. Over a full work-year, that’s more than 100 additional hours that you’ll have for your highest priority tasks.

Wondering if a virtual receptionist will be a good fit for your business in Greensboro? Here are five additional features that make a live answering service such a smart choice.

Key Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist in Greensboro

  1. Professional Image. When clients call your business, they want to hear from a real person, not a recording. A virtual answering service will ensure that’s the case, providing every caller to your business with a response from a friendly and professional live agent.
  2. Better Leads, Stronger Sales. Your phone is one of your strongest tools for generating leads and converting those leads into sales. To bolster your sales efforts, a call answering service can help you streamline your phone communications and manage large volumes of incoming calls.
  3. Affordable Phone Answering. Before the widespread availability of virtual answering services, the alternative was to hire an in-house receptionist. Currently, that costs between $30,000 and $40,000 a year. A live answering service, meanwhile, can cost less than 5% as much.
  4. Virtual Office Operations. A virtual receptionist plan at Office Evolution Greensboro will provide you a live answering service, plus a dedicated local phone number. That makes it easy to get started with a virtual office, a cost-effective alternative to a dedicated workspace rental.
  5. Professional Resources. If you operate a virtual office, you might want to upgrade to our Professional Plan Plus. This plan includes our live answering service, plus a range of additional features, including a coworking membership, meeting room rental discounts, and a business address plan.

Learn more about virtual receptionist plans at Office Evolution Greensboro by calling us today at (336) 660-6444! Our call answering service is ideal for professionals and businesses in the Greensboro NC region, including those based in Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Hamilton Lakes, Latham Park, Irving Park, Broadview, Lake Brandt, Starmount Forest, High Point, Jamestown, Hilltop, and other nearby areas.

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