Capital Wealth Advisors- A Member Spotlight

I am a dreamer. I sincerely believe it was the power of a dream that made me an entrepreneur in the first place. I believe in order to live one must never stop dreaming. A man or woman does not die when they leave this earth physically, they die the day they stop dreaming and pursuing their God-given purpose. It was the dream inside my heart that kept me in entrepreneurship long after everything on the outside was telling me to quit.

Capital Wealth Advisors is an Annuity and Insurance Firm founded to help everyday families leave extraordinary legacies. We specialize in insurance and annuity products designed to build, maintain, and transfer wealth to the next generation, and ultimately generations unborn.

Our ideal clientele at Capital Wealth Advisors falls into two categories. Our first segment specializes in Annuities and Index Universal Life products to help families grow their wealth in a safe, protected, and high growth insurance or annuity system without the risk of stock market investing. These clients are usually between the ages of 55-75 and want to assure their nest egg stay protected yet continues to grow at decent interest rates.

Our second segment is geared towards our younger families usually between the ages of 35 – 55, married, has children, and homeowners who are looking to add financial protection and replacement systems in case of an untimely death. These clients usually come in worried because they do not quite have the wealth accumulation to be able to maintain their assets if one or both spouses pass away prematurely. They come in seeking life insurance that will pay off their mortgage and replace their income if they were to pass away.

My top tips for success would be the Capital Wealth Advisors’ “3D formula” to success. We teach our advisors to always be Dedicated, always be Disciplined, and most importantly never be afraid to be Different. These are the 3 attributes that have made me the man that I am today.

If I could choose one person to nominate for an article like this it would be Daymond John the venture capitalist from Shark Tank and Entrepreneur. I am inspired by his story and I could learn a lot from him.



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