What Would YOU do in a Cyberattack or if Your Identity Were Hacked?

Brad Gile of CMIT Solutions: Greensboro’s Local Tech Team

CMIT Solutions is based out of Austin, TX with close to 200 locations across the nation. This kind of reach gives each local owner access to hundreds of knowledgeable tech gurus and leaves no question unanswered. Brad Gile, CEO and President of CMIT Solutions of Greensboro brought the franchise into the triad in late 2019 with a vision to help small businesses and nonprofits stay educated on their technology and safe from vulnerabilities.

Brad entered the industry with an extensive 20-year background in tech. Initially, he wanted to open a technology firm that focused on automation and machinery however, he found that the need for general technology help and education was much more prevalent. Since opening up his Greensboro location, Brad has been able to build valuable relationships within the community and work with a variety of small businesses and local non-profits. Often, large tech firms won’t make time for these types of clients and instead set their sights on large contracts.

CMIT Solutions of Greensboro operates as a full-service IT management team at Office Evolution Greensboro and offers a wide selection of services, including; hardware through a server set-up, help desk support, hosted email, and cybersecurity. Their focus is on companies with between 5 and 100 computers where cybersecurity tends to be lacking, this is especially important in small companies because hackers and other criminals are aware of the weaknesses in IT. It’s a well-known fact that when encountering larger companies, they’ll face too many walls in getting what they want. So instead they target businesses that they know will be a small task, often leading to costly damages and thefts.

Brad spoke of the necessity for cybersecurity maintenance, especially as technology is advancing and many people are working from home without the protection that some corporate offices have in place. Hackers are setting their sights on any weakness that they can spot and for many of us our devices hold our identities. This makes it so important to continue educating ourselves and taking steps to keep our information protected.