A private office with an orange chair

Four Walls and a Firewall: How a Private Office Works in a Shared Office Space

If you’ve outgrown your home office, if the kids are throwing a wrench into your productivity or if you’re tired of meeting clients in the nearest coffee shop, it’s time to get your own office.

The good news is that, with the explosive growth of the shared office industry, including shared office spaces such as Office Evolution, it’s never been easier to secure a private office in a professional space. And the spaces come complete with all the amenities you need to make your workday flow. If you’re wondering how a private office works in a shared office space, here’s an introduction.

7 Attributes of a Shared Office Space

#1 – You Have Your Own Private Office in a Shared Office Space

For professionals working from home, it’s not uncommon that productivity takes a nosedive when your friends and family are around. Having a private office in a professional space lets you focus exclusively on your business when you’re working, and make a clear distinction between work time and home time.

A private office also projects a level of professionalism that may be hard to come by in a home office. In a shared space you have your name on the door and the privacy you need to run your business, while also being part of a larger community of professionals and business owners.

#2 – Your Private Office in a Shared Space Offers Access to Private Internet

If you work out of coffee shops, chances are good that you’re doing business on a public wifi network, which leaves you vulnerable to viruses and attacks. In a shared office space you have access to a secure wifi network and, ideally, a wired connection so you can confidently conduct business without worry that your information will be compromised.

#3 – In a Shared Office Space, You’re Part of a Professional Network and Community

One of the benefits of working in a shared office setting is having access to an in-house network of professionals, collaborators and potential partners. Most shared offices and coworking spaces have networking events, presentations, skillshares and opportunities to connect socially. Rather than working by yourself, you spend your days working with fellow professionals.

A 2015 member survey found that 82% of coworking space members said coworking has expanded their professional networks. An impressive 80% of respondents said they turn to other coworking members for help or guidance and 64% of the respondents said their coworking networking was a very important (26%) or important source of work (38%).

In a shared office setting, having access to a variety of professionals can grow your networking circle significantly, spark new business ideas and partnerships and increase your social connections.

#4 – You Have a Reception Area and Staff Person in a shared Office Space

When you meet clients in cafes or public spaces, how do you find each other? By what you’re wearing or where you’re sitting? Shared office spaces have reception areas and a trained staff person who can greet your clients and guests and direct them to you.

#5 – You Have Access to Meeting Rooms in a Shared Office Space

As the operator of a small business, there will likely be times that you need more space than what your private office offers. Shared office spaces provide meeting rooms and conference rooms you can use for meetings, presentations, workshops, pitch sessions and social events.

#6 – You Have High-Quality Business Amenities in a Shared Office Space

How much time do you spend fiddling with your home printer and scanner, replacing ink, trying to get quality prints? Shared office spaces offer access to high-quality printers and scanners, as well as other business amenities, including shredding services.

#7 – You Have Access to a Shared Kitchen and Beverage Bar in a Shared Office

If you work out of cafes, you know you need to keep the coffee coming if you want to avoid glares from baristas and fellow cafe-goers. Plus, you have to spring for lunch when you get hungry. Shared office spaces provide shared kitchens and beverage bars so you have free access to coffee and tea, as well as a place to store, heat up and eat the lunch you bring from home.

Office Evolution provides shared offices to small business owners, independent professionals, freelancers and small teams. If you’re ready to move beyond working from home and coffee shops, come take a tour and see for yourself how we can transform your workday.