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For many small business owners, being tied to your cell phone seems to be an inevitable cost of doing business these days. The cost, both financially and personally, may be more than you think.

In today’s fast-paced environment, you may only get one chance to answer that first (and possibly only) phone call from a potential new customer.

Here’s a scenario that we can all relate to as the customer

  • We have identified a need – an item to purchase or a service.
  • We do our research online and come up with a few businesses to call.
  • We call the first business on our list.
  • They do not answer, and we are asked to leave a message.

Now, no matter how nicely they ask us to leave a message, do we leave a message?
Probably not. We move on to the next business on our list.

Many small business owners and solo professionals operate with limited resources, so what options do you have?

Unfortunately, many small business owners will continue to try and do it all.They will miss those first critical contacts and never know what opportunities have passed.
They will try to answer every call, which can lead to:

  • Interruptions in workflow and distractions leading to low productivity
  • Potential negative impact on existing customers, poor customer service
  • Dangerous distraction during activities that require full attention, such as driving
  • Risk of becoming overwhelmed and overworked
  • Business demands encroaching on personal and family time

The good news is there’s another option!

A professional phone answering service will take your calls in real time, screen out solicitors, and connect your most important calls to you. This allows you to avoid annoying and time wasting calls and only have the most important calls directed to you. This service can be invaluable when you’re traveling, taking care of current customers, hanging out with family, or just taking some time off.

A phone answering service is a cost-effective alternative to hiring an employee to answer calls and gives small businesses a chance to compete with much larger competitors.

The solution to the phone answering dilemma is closer than you think. Check out your local Office Evolution Greensboro to learn how our Remote Receptionist can save business professionals at least two hours per week (that’s over 100 hours per year). That is time better spent growing your business and enjoying your success.