Telephone Answering Service in Greensboro North Carolina

Lack of capital, poor planning, mismanagement of time, low-quality customer service, and little or no marketing are the obvious reasons for business failure.

You’re in business because you’ve built (or provide) a much better mouse trap. However, some businesses still fail.


The answer could lie in something that’s so basic that it’s easy to overlook…

…Even with adequate funding, good business models, and total devotion, businesses will collapse if they do not acquire new customers.

Many small businesses don’t have the capacity to employ a full-time receptionist. Today, with a cell phone constantly in hand, they think they can answer incoming calls themselves. Unfortunately, this solution leads to the loss of customers, creation of a small business image, and complete waste of time.

A telephone answering service is a proven solution to this issue. Here’s a look at the four reasons why small businesses in Greensboro, NC need a virtual receptionist.

It’s Affordable

Compared to engaging the services of a full-time or even a part-time receptionist, using a telephone answering service is considerably more affordable.

Even before paid sick leave, paid holidays, and health benefits, an employee will cost you several thousand dollars or more every month.

Although telephone answering services are known to bill differently, you can always find one that charges around $1-1.50 per call. It is true that not many businesses in Greensboro, NC receive as many as 400 calls per month. However, if your organization receives such an amount of phone calls, you’d be looking at a monthly cost of about $600 or more, which is still considerably less than even one employee.

Projecting Professionalism

An improved company image is another reason why small businesses in Greensboro, NC need a virtual receptionist.

Nothing tells potential clients that you are small more than answering your own telephone.

It might be worse if calls go to voicemail, particularly if it’s on a business day (and during business hours – ouch).

On the other hand, a telephone answering service will answer your calls as your business and within six seconds.

Having a virtual receptionist will project the image of a professional, competent, and successful company. Since people are likely to judge you by such parameters, you need to take them seriously. With the valuable connections, business advocacy, and enriching events offered by the Guilford Merchants Association and a professional telephone answering service, you will discover that growing your business might be easier that you imagined.

Increased Productivity

A quality telephone answering service will undoubtedly help to prevent the loss of new clients.

First-time clients will want immediate attention when in need of a service, particularly if the required service is related to sensitive areas like law and health care. Although new clients will at times leave a message on the answering machine, they will usually call another provider as soon as they hang up. Because consumers prefer providers who answer their calls live, whoever responds first will often get the business.

You will not miss an important sales call when you have a virtual receptionist, not even when you are on a plane or have poor reception. A telephone answering service will:

  • Answer your business calls exactly as you’d want them answered
  • Screen all your calls in real time
  • Politely announce each call before transferring them over to you

This results in no more:

  • Solicitors
  • Missed calls
  • Distractions or
  • Unprofessional phone manners.

The best part is that a virtual office membership at Office Evolution Greensboro allows you to operate from anywhere within the United States.

Free Up Time

A professional telephone answering service will free up some extra time, allowing you to focus on growing your business and doing things that generate more income.

Apart from screening your calls, virtual receptionist providers can answer basic questions about your business, schedule appointments, provide directions, and mirror your entire business schedule. Virtual receptionists can also determine whether calls should be transferred to you. As a result, you will only spend time on callers that need your attention. Work-life balance is easy to achieve when you have a trusted and reliable telephone answering service freeing up your day.

In the end, a virtual receptionist can be a valued member of your business.