Why Chisa Pennix-Brown loves Office Evolution

Chisa Pennix-Brown is the CEO of Lady Bizness, NC’s #1 Small Business Facilitator. She is a professional trainer and speaker specializing in small business development, brand strategy, and social media marketing to improve a company, individual, event, or group’s online presence. Her strengths lie in branding to create a consistent image in person and online with a primary demographic of women-owned and nonprofit businesses.

Recently, Chisa worked at Office Evolution in Greensboro while putting the finishing touches on her own rebranding campaign. Here’s what she said about Office Evolution Greensboro.

“I love Office Evolution. When you’re self-employed, like myself, that usually equates to working from home. There’s nothing wrong with that until it’s time to meet a client or host an event, and you need to look like you’re in business with a professional space, and for me, that’s Office Evolution. It’s centrally located in Greensboro, NC with day offices, monthly leases, and training facilities. There’s plenty of parking and a friendly face to meet your clients and guests upon arrival. Take my word for it because this place is definitely Lady Bizness approved!”

For more information Lady Bizness, contact Chisa at [email protected] or https://www.ladybizness.com/.

To rent an office space at Office Evolution or to learn more about how we can help you grow your business call 336-477-1161.