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3/8/19 8:30AM-10AM

ComTech Presents Cybersecurity for Small Business

Cyber criminals carry out successful cyber-attacks on businesses of all sizes every day. There is no question that organizations of all types face growing challenges with cybersecurity. Small businesses are especially prone to attacks because they are generally unsuspecting and unprepared. Experts will teach you what steps your organization can take to protect itself against constantly emerging threats.

3/16/19 10:00PM Are We There Yet? Preparing for the Next Recession Kurt Moore will provide an update on last year’s program about economic recessions and discuss the relationship between recessions and the market.
3/21/19 5:30PM-7:00PM

How to Get Your Marketing to Generate Leads and Grow Sales

The StoryBrand Marketing Framework helps companies understand what customers are looking for so they can tell their story in such a way people listen. The human brain is drawn to CLARITY and away from confusion. If customers are confused about what you offer, they'll look past you for somebody who can say it clearly. The StoryBrand Marketing Framework will teach you how to clarify your message and communicate to customers in a way that gets them to respond. Once you clarify your message, your marketing starts working for you, your team members are converted into a sales force and your customers speak a viral message that spreads.


Past Events

Date Time Event Name Description
2/26/19 12:00PM Empower Your Empire: social Media 101 pt 1 I am having a huge event in March to help small businesses grow their Instagram and you all are going to be able to benefit in so many ways.
2/16/19 10:00AM The MTM Smart Income System: A Revolutionary Approach to Covered Calls

In this presentation, you’ll learn about the five simple steps of the Market Taker Mentoring S.M.A.R.T. Income System, focusing on identifying only the strongest candidates.


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