Denver Tech Center Meeting Space

Denver Tech Center Meeting Space

Includes the rare gem of a Training Room & Free Parking!Finding the perfect Denver Tech Center Meeting Space

It’s the dreaded challenge that looms over many professionals: when the boss walks in with, “Find us some meeting space for next week’s meeting – and make me look good.” You’re already stiffening. “And make it cheap,” they add. For those startups and small business owners without the luxury of assistants, the challenge falls to our own weary shoulders – as though there aren’t enough other things to do.

Finding affordable professional meeting space, especially in the prestigious, central, and hotly-pursued Denver Tech Center or Greenwood Village area, can be not only time-consuming, but very costly, as many companies and hotels stack charges upon charges for items you hadn’t even thought to ask about. Office Evolution provides the central, Denver Tech Center meeting space that your company needs, while taking the guess-work and surprises out of your bill.

Choosing the right Denver Tech Center meeting space is as simple as knowing how many people you expect to attend.  This professional office space offers a medium (6-person) conference room, a large (10-person) conference room, and a (3-person) Day Office, for those seeking a meeting space with a more private office environment. However, the biggest challenge in finding the perfect Denver Tech Center meeting space is locating a meeting room large enough to accommodate several people (without requiring the undergoing of surgery and the selling of vital organs for adequate funding.) Thankfully, the Denver Tech Center possesses this rare gem too, at a rate that Joe Schmoe can afford (while keeping his visceral regions intact). The Training Room at the Denver Tech Center office space, which holds approximately 30 – 40 people, is furnished with moveable tables, so that every meeting can be flexibly arranged as needed…just another one of the perks of this Denver Tech Center meeting space.

Each conference room (including the spacious Training Room) at Office Evolution Denver Tech Center is fully-equipped with a large white board, markers, and a phone with 3-way conferencing abilities. Both the large conference room and the Training Room also are thoughtfully prepared with a pull-down projector screen. A front-desk receptionist is posted to greet and direct attendees, ensuring that your time is spent presenting instead of chasing and herding.

Catering and after-hours usage are welcome at this Denver Tech Center meeting space, with no additional fees. Also included in the price: both wired and wireless internet access on the private Guest Network. Even available are of the extra amenities you’ll need for a successful meeting, including a projector and flip chart, at one of the lowest rates in town. This Denver Tech Center meeting space allows you to save money on refreshments while your guests enjoy all the complimentary coffee and tea they fancy at no additional cost. Usually what sounds like an exciting deal on meeting space in the Denver Tech Center is here quickly spoiled by having to pay for a parking garage or satiating hungry meters. But Office Evolution at the Denver Tech Center keeps the deal exciting with a large private lot, offering ample free parking. 

At the Denver Tech Center meeting space, Meeting Rooms are available for as low as $15/hour with a minimum booking time of only 15 minutes (in contrast to the usual full hour minimum). 

The meeting rooms have taken reservations from businesses and professionals from all sizes and realms: a psychic instructor in need of classroom space every weekend; a large corporation looking performing multi-day team-building exercises; a local chamber event; a monthly networking group; and a solo entrepreneur meeting with prospective clients, on an as-needed basis.

No matter the size of the company or the status of the individual, the next time that the dreaded Denver Tech Center meeting space hunt begins, end the search in record time with Office Evolution at the Denver Tech Center.