Denver Tech Center Office Space Celebrates 12th Anniversary

Office Evolution Celebrates Its 12thBirthday: Denver Tech Center Style

One of Several Events OE Enjoys Hosting for Its Members – And Looks to Host More

Decadent slices of red velvet and lemon crème bundt cakes, natural, smoked gouda and muenster cheeses, savory summer sausages, crisp pretzels, fresh vegetables, pinot noir, and chardonnay may not be the daily spread at Office Evolution, but it’s certainly one of many celebratory feasts we love the excuse to throw around our locations. On April 1st, 2015, Office Evolution Denver Tech Center, along with the other nine Office Evolution locations, celebrated its 12th company anniversary with a complimentary afternoon happy hour, open to all Office Evolution members. 

Hosted by the Business Center Manager for the Denver Tech Center/Greenwood Village office space location, Christina Anderson, the happy hour goodies proved a joyfully welcome sight to afternoon entrepreneurs and their pleasantly surprised clients, as they filtered into the Co-Working Member Lounge, festooned with colorful artwork, twinkle lights, and free giveaways. One visiting member, meeting with her client at the location, entered laughing, sharing that she and her visiting client had been saying for weeks that they wanted to go to a happy hour together and were happily surprised by the emailed invitation, announcing the event. Still laughing, they loaded their plates and began their meeting – which ended up stretching past five o’clock, as they savored their wine and each other’s company in the conference room. 

Complimentary happy hours are just one of the ways that Greenwood Village Office Space enjoys surprising and appreciating its members. Although elaborate shindigs like this event aren’t as regular as we all would like, Office Evolution does host monthly “Treat Days,” featuring smaller spreads of tempting sweets or savory small bites. At the Denver Tech Center Office Evolution, Treat Days are held on the third Thursday of every month, to give members a predictable, fun, connecting spot they can schedule reliably. 

Special events in the ten individual Colorado location member communities is a growing focus for the Business Center Managers at each location, as cultivating a lively, warm, productive, and appreciative culture is a natural desire and inclination which every Business Center Manager shares. Thoughtful surveys have already been conducted of different member communities at various Office Evolution locations, as the company seeks to determine how it can better serve the desires of its members for connecting with other small business owners and creating new, or deepened, relationships within the Office Evolution family. 

Work/life balance is one of Office Evolution’s core values. But as members (and all of us) have experienced, it can be far too easy to be so mired in the immediate issues of daily businesses, that taking time to be truly present and connecting with the people around them falls to a last priority – if a priority at all. Many members may spend their entire co-working season without taking full advantage of the powerful collaboration cultured by the nature of co-working spaces. While intentionality in creating and fostering connections will ultimately always be the choice of individual members, Office Evolution hopes that through the continued hosting of complimentary events like this happy hour, members will have ample engaging events (and treats) they can keep sinking their teeth into.