Faces Human Capital Management | Member Spotlight

Putting the Human back in HR

An Interview with Caela Bintner, cofounder of Faces Human Capital Management.

All companies need payroll, but the big names like ADP and Insperity are missing something. Faces Human Capital Management shifts the focus back to the people. They provide HR services that are truly catered to each business they work with, to ensure employees are happy and turnover is low.

We sat down with Caela Bintner, cofounder of Faces Human Capital Management, as well as a member at Office Evolution Greenwood Village. She gave us the latest on the HR industry and how to build a business at which employees want to work.

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About Caela

My name’s Caela Bintner and I’m the cofounder of Faces Human Capital Management. Faces Human capital management provides anything employer related for your employees as a business owner. From recruiting to onboarding to benefits and payroll to training, even DISC training. If you have somebody who wants to go into management from sales, we provide the whole training platform, to I think I said benefits to 401k to off boarding of your employees as well. Everything from hello to goodbye for your employees.

What differentiates Faces?

My background is coming from the ADPs and the Insperity’s and the big players of the market. I just saw a need for the small business set to have more of a service component. It’s not just payroll/benefits. We are there. A lot of my HR staff are on site at a lot of our clients’ offices. One day a week, a half a day, some five mornings a week, truly as their HR expert on staff.

How has the industry changed?

I think the need for a more heavy service driven component has been critical. That’s how we’ve gained the momentum we’ve had and had such success. We’ve been in business for 18 months, we’re really new. Small business owners have a lot of issues around employees, a lot of penalties, like health insurance, that they’re not understanding or keeping up with all the different rules and regulations has been challenging. I think the service component has definitely had a need there in this outsourced HR world that we’re trying to fill.

How do you see your business evolving in the future?

I think it’ll continue to evolve with the need for the service piece of it. I think the payroll companies will dwindle. Everybody needs payroll, but there’s such a component to keeping good employees, turnover, there’s such a cost to it. If you can crack the code with each individual company and say, what are your pain points? Why do you have turnover or unhappy employees? And really focus on each company individually and what their needs are, I think that’s the future of this industry.

What’s the best part of what you do?

Just recently we had a client who has about 80 employees and a part of our job is some onsite HR consulting for them. A member of our team went out there and saved them $80,000 in fines on just filling out their paperwork incorrectly, just all their I-9s and all that. If they wouldn’t have hired us to go out there and do that, just going through the paperwork, they would have had ridiculous fines.

What are Your Best Business Tips?

Business Tip #1 – Educate Yourself

I think a lot of business owners don’t want to recognize what they don’t know. I think it’s important to educate yourself about your employees and about the regulations and fines that can happen if they’re not on boarded properly or their paperwork isn’t filled out right or offered benefits. Education, education, education. Just read about it, ask questions, get a consultation on if you’re doing the right steps for your employees when you start hiring and growing and expansion of your company.

Business Tip #2 – Define Your Culture

A lot of business owners don’t see the importance of culture. It’s very important to define your culture and to accept that and encourage it. It’s really important for your employees to feel valued and there’s a common goal they’re all moving towards. I think that really helps with turnover and employee buy in on whatever you’re trying to do or motivate them to do. I think that’s really important as a business owner to take that step and make that important.

Why Office Evolution?

We were looking at all sorts of different shared office spaces, and this just felt right. It was homey, the front desk people were amazing, everyone here is really great. We just like the vibe, it’s a really good vibe. They answer the phones here, all of that is really, really helpful.

How Has Office Evolution Helped Your Business?

When we started with office evolution, it was a week before a huge trade show we were going to. They immediately set up the phones and answering calls. We were able to fly to Las Vegas and pass out card and pamphlets and everything and they were on the back end really helping us. And that was not even a week into the first week we were here, it was amazing.

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