5 Essentials of Doing Business in a New Jersey Coworking Center

Although every business is unique, there are a few must-haves when it comes to running a successful company from a coworking workspace. Our Office Evolution center in Bergen County, NJ, offers everything a small business and startup in New Jersey needs to succeed. To get an edge over the competition you need to come over as professional, look confident, and have the right tools at your disposal as and when you need them.

The five coworking bare necessities for success are:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Instant access to a coworking space
  3. Virtual receptionist
  4. Good location
  5. Access to professional meeting and conference rooms

#1 KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when building a new business is to major in minor things. We all know the acronym “KISS” or Keep it Simple Stupid saying, and it makes a lot of sense, but it’s easy to forget when there’s a lot going on. Our coworking center in Hackensack in the heart of Bergen County provides an environment designed to help you keep things simple. The coworking workspace options are plug-and-play. That means you just need to bring your computer, and we’ll provide a variety of workspace and meeting options, with flexible terms.

Having a really efficient communication platform and workspace designed for productivity is priceless. The best part of all is that you have everything you need at your fingertips, yet you don’t have to invest a penny into long-term commitments. It means no traditional office lease and all the operating costs and headaches that can come with that. There’s no stress over utility bills or internet costs, and you don’t even have to buy your own furniture printer or coffee.

#2 Instant Access to a Coworking Space

If you haven’t ever worked from a coworking center, you’re in for a treat. Anyone who works from the home office or coffee shops is going to be especially impressed. What you get is everything you could possibly need from a modern centrally located office—without an office commitment.

The four main advantages of working in your own coworking space are:

  1. They’re super modern in design, décor and facilities
  2. Easily accessible, centrally located with ample parking
  3. Flexible, meaning you can adjust your environment at any time to match your needs
  4. Access to a community of like-minded professionals that may help to motivate you, provide ideas, and create social energy

The shared office setting is proving so advantageous to local businesses and solo and small firm professionals that it’s becoming the new normal. Our coworking spaces are setup in a way that allows you to collaborate with other like-minded people working in the business center. Interaction can be invaluable, particularly with new businesses finding their way. If you prefer your own desk or private office, you have that option too. It’s this flexibility that our members and visitors find so appealing.

#3 Your Own Virtual Receptionist, Phone Answering Service

Answering the phone and taking calls is an essential part of most business models. The downside is that taking calls can eat into your valuable time. This is especially bothersome when those calls are not of any value, but you still have to take every one. After all, you don’t know if it’s valuable or not until you speak to the caller. How many times does it feel like you’ve been on the phone all day and got very little else done? It’s a common dilemma. With the help of a US-based virtual receptionist, this is one problem easily solved. It means you don’t have to deal with any more unwanted calls and constant disruptions.

Time is money, and there are probably a hundred and one things you’d sooner be getting on with than speaking on the phone all day. Our professional phone answering service is available for anyone who wants it, when they need it. Like all coworking solutions, these are flexible options that you can exploit to match your specific needs. A virtual receptionist can filter all your calls during the agreed hours. This allows you to get on with increasing your productivity and business efficiency.

Here’s a quick rundown of the main benefits of a virtual receptionist:

  • All calls answered exactly the way you want them answered
  • Filter all calls so that you only get updates on the important ones
  • Announce your valuable callers as per your pre-agreement
  • Transfer valuable calls so that you don’t miss out on potential opportunities

Your virtual receptionist can even make and/or confirm appointments for you, if you want them to. Calendar management is another of those things that can sap valuable time away from busy people. This is valuable time you could otherwise use to grow your business. Anything that gives you extra focus, extra time and improves schedule control is going to be immediately beneficial.

#4 Location, Location, Location

Location matters, especially if you need a place to meet prospects and clients. The problem with a traditional office lease in a central, easy to find, easy to park location, is the cost. Such a space is too expensive for most new businesses. This is one struggle you don’t have to contend with when you use our coworking center in Northern New Jersey. We are easy to find and have plenty of parking for you and your visitors. Our coworking center will also impress anyone who walks through the doors.

You also get to take advantage of our business mailing address. This gives your business a professional, physical address in a prime location. The address is just the suite number, not a box number (even though your mail is kept in a private and secure box). You can also use it on all official documentation, including business cards. Furthermore, having a “real” address lets you put your company firmly on the regional map. You now get to boost your online presence by adding your company to professional online business listings. This also means you’ll show up on Google Maps, which is both free and invaluable. You can put the address on your website too. These are not things you can exploit in the same way by working from a coffee shop, your home office, or using a PO Box.

You can make a good first impression with a professional commercial business address. The impressive building, easy access, easy-to-find location and plenty of car parking are sure to impress your clients and prospects.

#5 Professional Meeting and Conference Rooms

Most virtual businesses will need a professional place to meet on occasions. We’ve got your back in this area too. Our impressive, professional, plug-n-play meeting rooms and conference rooms provide the perfect space to meet and wow prospects and clients. We have rooms of varying sizes too, and you can rent them from as short as 15 minutes to as long as you need them.

Popular uses for our meeting and conference rooms include, but are not limited to:

  • Conference calls
  • Contract negotiations & signings
  • Depositions
  • Sales pitches
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Team planning meetings

This sums up the five essentials of doing professional business in our Office Evolution coworking center in Bergen County, New Jersey. Learn how the team at Office Evolution can provide you with a terrific coworking business experience, offering all the must-haves for your company to grow and prosper. To find out more about how we can assist you going forward, contact us here


At Office Evolution Hackensack, we provide virtual office, coworking, and private office solutions. We offer meeting rooms, offices, a coworking lounge, a shared reception, a business address, and virtual receptionist services. We have many options and price points, and all terms are flexible. Plus, you become part of a community of like-minded professionals.

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