5 Reasons Why Office Flexibility Helps with Business Growth

Back in our grandmother’s day the modern office consisted of lots of smaller offices with closed doors. Perhaps the only shared office space back then was the typing pool. Fast-forward to the next generation and the open office concept was born. Down came the walls and the doors, aside from senior management, and up came the partitions. What we ended up with was one big office floor with each department separated by removable screens. So although we now had the open-plan office, coworkers still could not interact directly with each other because the dividing panels visually blocked them.

Closed Office with a Difference

Some professionals still want privacy and we cater to those needs too with our private spaces. Even so, there is a difference. Those who work in closed private offices are still in our shared office coworking center. That means they have instant access to our full business support and all the shared facilities on the other side of the door. They also have valuable networking opportunities with other professionals who work in the building. So although they work in private rooms, they’re not isolated from the coworking concept.    

A Good Idea at the Time!

This visual blocking was deliberate. The “brains” behind the idea thought that it would help people to maintain focus and become more productive. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now, but this is something that the “experts” are only beginning to realize. It was another one of those good ideas at the time. The flexible office space, like the one at our coworking lounge at our coworking center in Bergen County, NJ, is a totally different concept, and one that does work. Discover how modern day office flexibility can help you and your business going forward (And, we do have private offices for those who find that better for their needs.)

The Flexible Office Concept

The flexible office, sometimes referred to as the shared office center and coworking space, is the new groundbreaking way to work. It’s something that can benefit everyone and any company, small or large. Before we get into the details, here’s a quick rundown on the five major advantages of the coworking office concept.

  1. Improved worker productivity
  2. A much more dynamic and diverse working environment
  3. Overhead costs slashed when compared to a traditional office setup and lease
  4. Better overall adaptability
  5. Greater job satisfaction

#1 Improved Worker Productivity

One of the biggest setbacks for success is a lack of enthusiasm and a bored worker or workforce. Quite often it’s not the work itself that causes issues but the working environment. We all know that a happy worker is a good worker.

The flexible office allows people to work more independently than the alternatives below:

  • The home office: distractions and lost motivation are more likely
  • The local coffee shop: easy to find, but can be crowded, noisy and unpredictable.

With independence comes a feeling of being more in control, and people enjoy that. Workers who have choices are happier overall, and this in turn makes them more focused, productive and enthusiastic. This is not an assumption, it’s a proven fact.

#2 More Dynamic, Diverse Work Environment

If your work environment is not dynamic it’s apathetic. And if there’s no diversity, life becomes mundane and uninteresting. This is a surefire way to stifle any business growth or even send it backwards. The simple solution is to get with the times and put together a network of diverse workers. These are people who have wide-ranging skill sets, thus making them flexible and willing to adapt to change with necessity. Diversity helps to keep business buzzing and ideas flowing. It’s a way of working that opens new doors and presents fresh opportunities—breakthroughs that may otherwise not have materialized if it wasn’t for diversity.

You might be wondering how you go about putting together a diverse, dynamic team. Part of the answer is simple, in theory at least. You make sure you offer adaptable, flexible solutions—things that attract and energize enthusiastic workers. This is particularly important when appealing to generation Y, also called the millennials. The flexible office is the new, preferred way of working, one that makes most people happy. Office Evolution in Hackensack, NJ, offers the kind of flexible working environment that allows people to flourish. The shared workspace in the heart of Bergen County, NJ, is a particularly popular approach for the flexible worker.

#3 Reduced Overhead

Most good ideas never even get off the ground, not because they flunked, but because they never got started. In the past, a lot of businesses had to have a proper office. They needed it not only as a professional space to work from, but to also impress clients and prospects. The problem with the traditional office lease is that it can be incredibly costly—too much for many. And then there are the other overhead costs to consider. Well, that was then and this is now. The expression is “one has to stay with the times” which will translate into business growth.

The flexible office, like our New Jersey co-working center, is here at your disposal. It has everything you could possibly want or need from a modern office but without the large price tag. Those who use our business center don’t have to worry about utility bills. Nor do they have to pay for cleaning, office furniture, a printer, internet costs or even coffee. Office flexibility of this kind is a no brainer for the modern worker.

#4 Better Adaptability and Flexibility

Most jobs used to be boring, and because of that workers got bored. Previous generations were clock-watchers, counting the days until the weekend came round. People used to get stuck in a rut, not through choice but because there was very little opportunity for change. It’s a different world today. Anyone competing in the twenty-first century has to adapt as jobs, roles and technologies alter. People who resist change fall behind and lose out every time. The good news is that the mobile workforce embraces change as long as they have the flexibility to work.

The flexible office has a dynamic atmosphere. It’s a place that offers an environment where like-minded people get to interact and exchange ideas—if that’s what they want. It also gives quiet spaces for those who need more privacy to work on projects. Whether it’s in our open coworking lounge, a private office, or a meeting room, our coworking business center in Hackensack has a workspace that suits you.

#5 Greater Job Satisfaction

We’ve already touched on how a happy worker is an efficient worker, and it’s true. But work is not just about the pay, though that is an important factor. Most people spend more time at work than they do at home, at least conscious hours. And most people work five days in a seven day week. That’s a lot of time to be miserable! So what makes a happy employee or a contented solo professional? Well, there are a few things, but the most important of all is to feel trusted and appreciated by others, whether that’s the boss or the clients.

Giving someone the freedom to work in a way that suits them shows the person you value and appreciate them—it displays trust too. Because of these things, flexible workers tend to deliver great results and return mutual respect. You see, job satisfaction is not just about the job, it’s a way of working. People who know their job do not like to be told what to do, where to sit and when to take a break, etc. It used to be like that, and it’s why the stiff and stale way of working produced so many disgruntled people. It’s not like that today, at least not by those who embrace the flexible office approach.

To learn more about how our New Jersey shared office coworking center can provide flexible office solutions for you and your business, give us a call. We’re Office Evolution in Hackensack, NJ.

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