5 Reasons You'll Thrive in a Hackensack Coworking Space

Your work environment has a big impact on your worklife. The right space will make you more comfortable and productive, it will create new professional opportunities, and it will help you live the career you’ve always wanted. But that’s only if you find the right space — more easily said than done in a competitive market like Hackensack in Bergen County, New Jersey. The good news? The right space is closer and more affordable than ever thanks to the coworking space at Office Evolution® Hackensack. 

Believe it or not, joining a shared workspace could give your career a bigger boost than any other type of work environment. That was the conclusion that researchers from the University of Michigan came to in 2015, after years of research into how workers thrive. “There seems to be something special about coworking spaces,” the researchers wrote, going on to say, “people who belong to them report levels of thriving… so unheard of that we had to look at the data again.”

This led the study’s authors and countless other experts to ask the obvious question: why do workers thrive at such high levels in coworking environments like Office Evolution Hackensack?

How Coworking in Hackensack Drives Success

If you’re wondering what makes shared workspaces so great, we invite you to visit our local coworking space in Hackensack in Northern New Jersey. You’ll quickly see some of the key advantages that shared work environments have to offer, including:

  1. Productivity. When you work in a shared work environment, you have more control and flexibility over your worklife. At the same time, you have a space where you can block out the distractions that get in the way of major priorities. So it’s no wonder that shared workspaces have a reputation for optimizing focus and productivity.
  2. Community. A lot of people are surprised by the sense of community found in shared workplaces. When you look deeper, the reasons for this become more clear. Without office politics and competition to worry about, relationships develop more comfortably. Without assigned seating and portioned offices, new interactions occur more frequently. This creates a more supportive and community-minded space.
  3. Collaboration. Coworking spaces, like Office Evolution Hackensack, are hubs for collaboration, innovation, and networking. By building a community of diverse professionals — one where you’ll find all kinds of a skillsets, perspectives, and backgrounds — a shared work environment becomes the perfect collaborative workspace.
  4. Excitement. The shared workspace movement began with a mission to improve how and where people worked. That mission continues to define the energy and excitement around shared workplaces, which have become magnets for innovative and forward-thinking professionals.
  5. Resources. Joining a coworking community like Office Evolution Hackensack gives you more than just a place to work. It also gives you access to office equipment, staffed reception services, onsite support, high-speed Wi-Fi, and free coffee/tea in the community kitchen. Plus there are many restaurants in the area. You’ll also be able to save on business address and phone answering plans, along with other types of work space for rent, including discounted rentals for meeting rooms and day offices.

Wondering if a shared workspace is right for you? Before you join a coworking space, visit Office Evolution Hackensack to check out our shared workspaces. Our coworking space is the perfect place for professionals who work and live in Bergen County, including freelancers, remote workers, startup owners, and workers looking for a change of pace from their current office.

Bring the benefits of coworking to your career! Call Office Evolution Hackensack at 201-645-1200 for more information.