7 Reasons to Choose Telephone Answering Services in Hackensack

At Office Evolution® Hackensack, we know how quickly little tasks can stack up for small business owners. Tasks like telephone reception can disrupt your workflow and make it hard to spend as much time as you should on priority tasks. But you can’t simply turn off your phone or let it ring. If phone management in your small business is making it tough for you to keep productive, a telephone answering service is a much smarter solution.

These days, more and more businesses in Bergen County, NJ, are turning to local telephone answering companies, like Office Evolution Hackensack. By providing live telephone answering services at small business friendly price points, these companies make it easier for start-ups, small companies, and professional service providers to manage communications and customer service. At the same time, telephone answering services save local businesses valuable time — time that can be redirected toward higher priority tasks – resulting in greater profits.

Stats for Business Owners on Telephone Answering Services

Unsure whether a phone answering service is the right move for your business?  Here are seven data points that small businesses throughout the Hackensack area should consider before hiring a phone reception service.

  1. Spam Calls Make Up 35% of Phone Traffic. According to research by Consumer Reports, spam phone calls make up more than a third of all US phone traffic. That’s a big deal for small businesses without call screening services, particularly because businesses can’t use the Do Not Call list.
  2. Small Businesses Lose Half-a-Billion Dollars Each Year to Spam Calls. Small businesses shouldn’t underestimate the impact of phone spam. Estimates reported in ZDNet indicate that US small businesses lose a half-a-billion dollars’ worth of productivity ever year to spam callers.
  3. Small Businesses Miss More Calls Than They Answer. A recent study took a close look at phone traffic for small businesses. They discovered that only 38% of calls to small businesses receive a live answer.
  4. Callers Leave Messages Less Than 1/3 of the Time.Missed calls might seem like no big deal. That’s why voicemail was invented! But here’s the thing, according to news source Telecompaper, only 31% of callers will actually leave a voicemail message. The rest hang up.
  5. Consumers Prefer Live Receptionists. In multiple surveys, consumers clearly prefer live agents to an electronic receptionist. A study by HuffPost found preferences ran 30 to 1 in favor of live answering. Another study, by a marketing firm Achieve Global, found that 47% of people considered it a a negative experience when an electronic receptionist answered their call.
  6. Remote Reception Can Save You More Than $2,500 a Month. Remote receptionist services offer huge savings over hiring a dedicated receptionist. A typical receptionist earns more than $2,800 a month. Monthly costs for live answering plans fall between $150 and $250.
  7. Telephone Answering Companies Increase Productivity. By minimizing distractions and managing key aspects of business communications, telephone answering companies measurably increase productivity. At Office Evolution Hackensack, typical clients save 2+ hours a week through live telephone answering services — hours that you can redirect toward earnings and growth.

Live Telephone Reception in Bergen County, NJ

If your phone line keeps tripping up your workweek, it’s time to consider a local telephone answering service. Start your search with a call to Office Evolution Hackensack. Our telephone answering plans are ideal for small companies and busy professionals in Bergen County, offering the benefits of a personal receptionist at less than 10% of the cost. Call today to learn more and get started!

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