Are You Capable of Working Remotely?

Working remotely can be awesome. The flexibility, autonomy, and freedom of not being confined to an office is fantastic; for the right kind of person.

Remote working is something lots of people dream of, but not everyone is ready for the challenges of office-free life. If you’re considering working remotely, read on to find out if you have the right skills – and some tips on how to make it work for you.

The Reality of Working Remotely

Remote working comes with plenty of challenges of its own. For one, it can be isolating. In an office, there’s normally an element of social contact with others. For example, when you have a question, you can often simply head on over to a colleague’s desk to talk it out.

Remote working means there’s a lot less socializing, and you can’t just have a chat when you feel like it. Of course, there’s the phone, messenger services, and email to keep you in touch. But if you’ve ever worked remotely, you’ll know that it’s just not the same.

Of course, a lack of colleagues also means a lack of distractions, which is one of the reasons that remote workers tend to be more productive. However, it can be a downside if you’re the kind of person that needs social contact.

Another issue is that the expected lack of distractions isn’t always the reality. While not being in the office removes most of the distractions that come from colleagues, remote working isn’t always distraction free. Especially if you have a partner or children at home, then you could end up more distracted if you don’t set clear boundaries.

It’s also easy to get distracted doing chores, or watching TV if you’re not the kind of person who is self-disciplined enough to knuckle down during work hours. While taking enough breaks is essential, you need to be able to manage yourself well enough to avoid the temptation to overdo it.

What Skills of Traits do you need to work Remotely Successfully?

You need to be able to separate work and leisure time

It’s easy to imagine that remote workers spend a lot of their time watching Netflix or having brunch with friends, but that’s generally not the reality. While we’ve already mentioned that you need to be self-disciplined to work remotely, the fact is that most remote workers don’t get distracted at home.

Just like in the office, working too many hours will eventually cause burnout and stress. And if you work from home, the added stress of not switching off and separating leisure and work time can be harmful to your productivity and health.

The most successful remote workers put boundaries in place. They take enough breaks, and they keep their working space and living spaces separate. Ideally, you need a room dedicated only to work, where you can shut the door at the end of the day.

You NEed to be at Least a Little Tech-Savvy

Remote working generally means being able to troubleshoot some common issues on your own. Your office IT guy can’t just drop by your desk to fix that internet connectivity issue or retrieve a file you’ve lost. So, if you can’t do these basic things for yourself, you could lose a lot of time.

Beyond troubleshooting your own issues, there’s also the fact that remote working normally means staying in touch with the office via various messaging services, apps and software.

You Need to be a Good Communicator

When you’re in the office, it’s hard to avoid communicating with your team. Teamwork is enhanced by the ability to speak to each other face-to-face and thrash out solutions in a meeting room. But if you’re working remotely, this kind of seamless teamwork won’t happen naturally.

It will be up to you to make sure that you are keeping in-touch with your team.

When you’re remote, video calls and conferences are a great way to attend meetings without physically being there. Messenger apps are great for quick questions, suggestions, and checking in with your team members.

Why Coworking Spaces are Perfectly for Remote Workers

Using a local coworking space can be the perfect option for remote workers who want the ability to work from a professional office space without losing flexibility or commuting far. For remote workers in the Bergen County, New Jersey area, Office Evolution Hackensack offers many coworking options that means you can experience the best of both worlds—be a remote work, but also be in a professional workspace as part of a community.

There’s complimentary Wi-Fi, a beverage bar with complimentary tea and coffee (including Starbucks), and a shared printer and photocopier.

As part of the coworking space, you get the social aspect of working in an office environment, plus the productivity boost of being around others working without the distractions like TV and family members. And there are always friendly staff on hand to ensure the Office Evolution Hackensack coworking space is running smoothly.

The beauty of coworking is that it’s as flexible as you need it to be.

Want to work from the coworking space every day? Need a dedicated desk or private office? No problem. Want to hot desk in our coworking space just one or two days a week, or whenever suits you? Also, no problem!

Our coworking works around you, and with our flexible terms, there’s bound to be a membership option that suits your needs.

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