Congratulations Farbinder! You are accepted into Y-Combinator's Inaugural Online StartUp School

Congratulations to Farbinder, who has been accepted into the Y-Combinator’s Inaugural Online StartUp School. Farbinder was one of the first members to join Office Evolution Hackensack. Now Farbinder is one of the first to be part of this new, impressive program run by Y-Combinator. 

Y-Combinator is one of the world’s premier business accelerators. Located in Mountain View, California, YC boasts graduates including massive successes like Airbnb and Dropbox.  YC’s new StartUp School is an Online program for entrepreneurs looking to further develop a great idea.

Farbinder applied to join this group and we are proud to announce that we have been admitted into the exclusive subcategory of the program called the Founder’s Track.

Under the guidance of Dan Brody (CEO) Farbinder is a real-time communication tool for local business to connect with its customer base and community.

Dan is a proud member, with Farbinder, of Office Evolution in Hackensack, NJ.  Dan’s eclectic business background includes a successful NYC Cafe & Wholesale distribution service, COO of a private label development company for International brands in the Fashion Accessory space, launching two local business driven tech ventures and a stint on NBC’s The Apprentice.

We are looking forward to watching and helping Dan and the rest of the growing Farbinder team continue to innovate at Office Evolution Hackensack.