Could the Tradesman's Secret Lie in The Virtual Receptionist?

If you’re a tradesman, you will know how valuable and how disruptive the phone can be. It’s valuable because it’s where most new business leads come from. It’s disrupting because the more time you spend on the phone, the less time you have to work on the job in hand. There will also be times when you’re just not able to take calls. Whenever this happens, there’s a risk you could lose new business to a rival. Even if you do call back later it’s most likely too late. One solution to this common problem is to hire a full-time receptionist but that can be costly. Phone answering services of this kind can be particularly uneconomical if the receptionist has no other duties but to wait for calls to come in.

This is where the virtual receptionist comes to the rescue. If this is a concept that you’re unfamiliar with, keep reading. You are about to find out the real benefits that an Office Evolution Virtual Receptionist can bring to you and your business. It is an effective approach that could change the way you operate forever. Here are a few key points worth considering:

With a hands-on, live virtual receptionist, tradesmen get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • An extra pair of hands on your terms with little commitment
  • No more phone interruptions, which allows you to keep working
  • No more lost business because you’re unable to answer calls
  • The virtual receptionist understands telephone etiquette 
  • You appear bigger and more professional (excellent first impressions)
  • Overheads are much lower compared to hiring a company receptionist
  • Filters out all unnecessary calls (wrong numbers, time wasters, etc)
  • No issues with sick leave, vacations, and other staff disruptions

The list could go on. The point is that these are flexible services that Office Evolution Hackensack can help tailor to you and your specific needs. This includes things like when you want calls answered, how you want them answered and how you want them delivered to you. Even your appointments on your calendar can be managed and your FAQs answered. The options open to you are many, and they can be tweaked and re-tweaked as your business develops.

Time Is Money

Benjamin Franklin, a United States Founding Father, once wrote an essay. It was a piece to young tradesmen around the country, reminding them that time is money. He then went on to explain what he meant by that. Today, all successful tradesmen understand the importance of their valuable time. Despite this, that doesn’t mean they always manage their time to best effect. Those who do, are the ones who get to prosper and grow the most.

A savvy tradesman understands the real importance of the phone. They also know that they can make better use of their own time when they themselves do not have to deal with every incoming call.

Cost, Flexibility, Confidence

The good news is that a professional telephone answering service doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Even better news is that you can test-drive the services of an Office Evolution Hackensack Virtual Receptionist with a monthly, 30 day money-back guarantee plan.

The Impatient Culture Waits for No One

A couple of generations ago people would sit patiently on the other end of a phone line allowing time for someone to pick up. They didn’t like waiting back then, but they put up with it all the same. Patience used to be a virtue; in fact it still is, just not with all things. Now let’s fast-forward to the twenty-first century. We can see how impatience has replaced patience in a major way. Modern day impatience has a life span of seconds, not minutes. Any tradesman who wants to make a good first impression has a tiny window to impress. There is this incessant demand for instant results nowadays, and this includes the time it takes for someone to answer the phone.

A general rule is to answer a call within the first three rings, but not before the first ring has ended. A qualified virtual receptionist will know this. If you answer the phone too fast it can startle the caller and put them off guard. Anything over four rings and there’s a good chance the call will be lost forever. Again, a virtual receptionist knows all about good telephone etiquette. They understand everything, from perfect timing to making that all-important first impression.

Voicemail Just Doesn’t Work

Voicemail doesn’t work for the reasons of impatience outlined above. Some tradesmen will argue that any form of receptionist is a waste of money, virtual or employee. They may defend the voicemail system pointing out that it costs nothing. They might also assume that anyone who doesn’t leave a message after the tone is most likely not a serious caller. It is true that voicemail once had its place, but it’s always had its drawbacks. The fact is that only a small percentage of people have ever bothered to leave messages on voicemail or robotic style answering machines. Some would call back, but if their job was urgent they would usually move to the next number on their shortlist. As for millennials, according to one report published in the New York Times, they shy away from voicemail and answering machines altogether.

There is no substitute for a real person speaking to another real person in a prompt and professional manner. This is what today’s clients and potential clients expect. Those who deliver on client expectations are the ones who win the most business. It is why a savvy tradesman looks at the virtual receptionist as an investment rather than an expense.

The Conclusion

Are you a busy tradesman, inconvenienced by incoming calls? Would you like to free up your time so that you can avoid interruptions and continue working? With an Office Evolution Virtual Receptionist you can do just that. Let a virtual professional handle all your communications so that you don’t have to. There is no costly training to pay for, no fixed salaries to stress over or company benefits to worry about. Best of all, you can relax knowing that your virtual receptionist will turn up for work every day, on time, whenever you need them. This is a flexible, month-by-month arrangement. It’s an investment that continues to attract today’s savvy tradesmen. 

Are you a tradesman – plumber, electrician, handyman? Contact us to learn about how a virtual receptionist can help you make more money