How an Executive Office Suite Can Help Your Business

A lot of businesses start today at the kitchen table or in the spare bedroom. It’s also a fact that a good idea can soon outgrow these spaces, often faster than one expects. What happens then? Your business is doing well, you’re building a good reputation but now the time has come where you need to meet multiple clients. Inviting them over to your house isn’t going to do much to impress. And trying to hold a meeting in your local coffee shop is a failure waiting to happen. And then there are the distractions at home: kids, dog, kitchen fridge and home chores. Plus, for many, a home office is lonely and lacks the social energy that is so motivating.

The Executive Office Suite Solution

While your business is growing nicely, there’s a good chance you don’t want to a traditional office lease, given the inflexibility, long-term commitment, setup and daily hassles, and initial costs. This is where the executive office suite comes to the rescue, also known as a serviced office or shared office center. In short, this will be a fully-furnished, fully-equipped impressive office space with a well-equipped business center that can be yours for as little as 15 minutes to as long as fulltime. The Office Evolution Coworking Center in Bergen County can help with our range of ready-for-action, serviced office spaces. We offer our members the scalability and flexibility that suits today’s business model. All our offices are plug-n-play ready and include a functional business center to support your needs.

Here’s what you can expect from our executive suites in Hackensack:

  • Modern, comfortable furniture and contemporary decor
  • Fast, reliable internet connection (wired and wireless)
  • Phone with professional phone answering service
  • Business Center Manager to meet your guests at the front desk
  • Meeting rooms and conference rooms
  • Professional business address
  • Communal areas for relaxing, socializing and networking
  • Unlimited coffee and other drinks from our complimentary beverage bar

Executive Suites, Hackensack

As you can see, there’s much more to an Office Evolution executive suite, Bergen County than just an impressive office to meet clients. It’s a full range of flexible solutions and services all under one roof. The best thing of all is that you only pay for what you need to use. Nor do you have to invest in expensive furniture and equipment or suffer the headaches of managing an office. We can’t say the same about a fixed office lease commitment. This is the new, smarter way of conducting business. It’s an effective, flexible business model that suits all kinds of operations of any size, from solo professionals in New Jersey to startups and bigger businesses (it could be a satellite office).

Here are some other perks that make a huge difference when it comes to making an impression:

  • Membership to a community of likeminded business professionals
  • Good central location, one that’s easy to find
  • Ample parking right next to the building for you and your guests
  • Choose the work and meetings spaces and services you want
  • Professional business address and mailbox. Mail forwarding service available

Already you can relax, knowing you can meet clients and prospects in a productive, impressive environment. Now think back to the home office or coffee shop and see the comparison. The executive suite wins hands down. You’re more organized, there are no unwanted distractions, and people can find you easily and park without hassle. Thus, you become more productive, create a much better impression, and win new business—in the end you’re happier and your business more profitable.

Not all Executive Suites Are Equal

Some executive suites only offer a collection of rooms and offices. This is a more corporate style of setup and an older business model. Our Coworking Center in Bergen County offers a lot more: meeting spaces, community, beverage bar, kitchen, and staffed reception—all in a modern, energizing environment. Hot desking is another benefit of operating out of a coworking center, where one can work in our coworking business lounge. It’s especially popular with new startups, entrepreneurs, solo professionals and freelancers.

Having your workspace all setup and running smoothly is invaluable. You don’t even have to pay for coffee. You can have all your business mail delivered to Office Evolution if you want to, and our Business Center Manager will secure it in your mailbox or forward it on. Your address will be your business and a suite number, not a box number—so your address will be akin to your own office. This alone can make your business more impressive to prospects. Those who use executive suites or work at a coworking desk often arrive with no more than a smartphone and a computer. It’s usually all they need, as everything else is here and ready for action.

Not All Coworking Centers Are Equal

Not all coworking centers offer a full range of business solutions. Some will only have shared desks and minimal facilities. They’re still better than coffee shops and the home office. Ideally, you need to know what your needs are before committing to any one place. Solo professionals, small firms, and freelancers in New Jersey may not need a full executive office suite, and a coworking business lounge is a productive and cost-effective option. But there could come a time when they do. For this reason alone think about scalability as you plan ahead. Office Evolution Hackensack’s Coworking Center in Bergen County has everything you could need under one roof. If you’re on your own and just starting out, we’ve got you covered. If you’re a small, medium-sized or larger outfit, we’ve got everything you need too.

Here’s food for thought on working from a fully-equipped, fully-functional coworking center:

  • People make more money working from professional spaces
  • You get to build a network of likeminded people
  • You won’t break the bank
  • You’re surrounded by a constant pool of talent
  • You can focus on your business, not managing your office space
  • You have the flexibility to scale up and down your office and meeting room spaces as needed

From impressive executive office suites to options of hot desking and everything in between, it’s all here. Office Evolution in Hackensack has affordable solutions for your business. We offer professional support to members in all the surrounding New Jersey towns. If you and your business are ready to grow, contact us today and explore your options.