How Flexible Workplaces Have 4 Proven Ways They Benefit Startups and Small Businesses

Do you want to break away from the New Jersey nine-to-five, but worry about all the high costs and concerns about going it alone? It’s a common dilemma. Most ideas—great or otherwise—never leave one’s head or come to fruition. Others reach the discussion stage at local watering holes, but even they become forgotten thoughts before too long. The fact is that there are so many wasted opportunities—fantastic brainwaves that never materialize past the daydream, but you’re lucky.

A generation or two ago there were more reasons to not move ahead or back out. The slow pace of starting a fledgling business, and where to begin, was more complicated. It’s not like that today. Now you have flexible workspaces like our Office Evolution Hackensack coworking center in Bergen County, NJ. In this article, we take a look at the benefits of a shared office business center. The main focus is on the way startups and small businesses can get an incentive boost. We look at the opportunities there are to excel, and the solutions to problems that never used to be there.

Here are four reasons why the flexible workspace makes so much sense to new business ideas:

  1. It’s a lower cost solution
  2. Professional networking and effective collaboration
  3. Freedom from home office isolation
  4. Creative thinking

Taking the Plunge

Some of the biggest and best known businesses today began life in the most unlikely spaces. British billionaire Lord (Alan) Sugar grew his business from the back of an old van. Sir Richard Branson quit school at the age of 16 to begin his entrepreneurial career. His first venture was a simple magazine he called ‘Student’. Today his Virgin Group controls more than 400 successful companies. And the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, set up shop in his parents’ garage of all places.

The point is this: these entrepreneurs started with very little but dared to take the plunge and run with their ideas. Today, people still try to start a new business from the spare bedroom, coffee shops, or a family garage. In today’s technological world, success is all about successful networking and sharing ideas. It’s about collaboration and dynamic workspaces. These things are hard to come by in the home office or sitting in public spaces that are designed for socializing, not running a startup business.

The Shared Office vs. the Rest

Coworking solutions, like Office Evolution Hackensack in Northern New Jersey, are better than a traditional office. We’ll get to why that is shortly. Here are three good reasons why people opt to use a shared office space:

It’s a place to escape to from the boredom and distractions of a home office.

It’s an ideal environment for boosting motivation and increasing productivity.

A place to work from for entrepreneurial professionals and businesses that often visit the area.

Now let’s dig a little deeper and look at the key reasons why you or your team might want to consider our New Jersey Coworking Center as your flexible office.

1) A Lower Cost Solution

Renting a traditional office is a costly commitment. Not only is there the lengthy lease but you also have to equip it with furniture, technology, internet, phones, staff, etc. Then, if business booms and you need more space you don’t have any. Likewise, if business drops, you have to keep paying for the space you have whether you need it all or not.

At Office Evolution Hackensack in Bergen County, NJ you will only ever pay for what you use, when you use it. If you need more space, you’ve got more, and if you need less, you’ve got that too. Or if you need nothing for a while and content with your work area, that option is also on the table, thanks to our month-by-month flexible plans. All the essentials you’d expect to find in a traditional office, you’ll find at our co-working center—at your convenience.

2) Professional Networking and Effective Collaboration

Old style networking often means going to events and taking time out from the working day. Other times networking events will eat into your evenings or weekends. It’s a luxury not everyone can afford, especially when starting a new company or running a growing business. Coworking flexible workspaces are full of like-minded professionals, the kinds of people you’d be networking with anyway.

A well-run coworking center, like Office Evolution in Hackensack, NJ are networking hubs. A lot of mutual help, sharing of information, and swapping contacts, etc., go on in these flexible workspaces. It’s not unusual for people to get together and arrange networking meetings and use each other’s business services. These are not opportunities you’d have if you were stuck in a traditional office, or by working at home or in the local coffee shops.

3) Freedom from Isolation

When people first start out in business, the home office seems like the perfect and most logical solution. They think the silence of the home office will help them to concentrate better. Those who have worked from home for any length of time will tell you that this silence can be deafening at times. It becomes a distraction if anything. Or more specifically, the home worker becomes easily distracted. Isolation from others can eventually result in loneliness and become demotivating. The comfy sofa, the refrigerator, the TV, and anything else that tempts distraction will distract. Even the coffee shop can become lonely as you’re surrounding yourself with people concentrating on their needs besides being extremely noisy.

Those who move from the home office to coworking flexible workspaces notice the importance of human interaction right away. They realize just how counterproductive their isolation has made them. You may not want to interact much—if at all—but it’s the environment and the option to network that matters. There a quiet buzz about the place. These are people on a mission to thrive in whatever it is they’re doing. It’s infectious and motivational, the opposite of the home office or local coffee shop. It increases your business drive on a professional level.

4) Creative Thinking

Have you ever found yourself staring at a computer screen with vacant eyes? And when you do snap out of it you wonder how long you’d been lost in your own thoughts. It happens a lot with home workers. It’s when they stray from the desk to make another hot drink they don’t really want—but it’s something to do. Working among coworkers is more likely to keep you on your toes than working at home alone.

These flexible workspaces actually promote creative thinking, and here’s why. It’s harder to get lost in one’s own thoughts while working in a dynamic environment. If nothing else, collaboration is an almost guaranteed way to see things from a fresh perspective. Even if you have a team, it can still be beneficial to collaborate outside your immediate group. Flexible coworking spaces provide this opportunity.

Final Thoughts

The working environment matters for all kinds of reasons. Even an otherwise beautiful space with drab décor can have a negative effect on mood and productivity. Seeing the same people in the same office day in and day out is another routine that can disrupt efficiency levels. Nothing is set in stone with flexible coworking spaces. The people change, and you can choose different places to work from each time (hot desking), if that’s what you want. You can scale up or scale down in line with your business demands. You can work in the coworking center some of the time, and the home office at other times. You can rent a permeant workspace, like a designated desk, a micro office or your own private office.

Independent professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, small businesses, and new startups have never had so many options. It’s not like it used to be in Steve Job’s day, and that’s a bonus.

Contact us today to find out how our Office Evolution Hackensack’s Coworking Center in Bergen County, NJ can serve you and your business needs. Take the idea out of your head and come take a tour to make your business thrive. It could be the best call you make all year.

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