Office Solutions for Today's Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent professionals and small businesses all share one thing in common. They need a place to work from. But this can’t be just any place. No, you want somewhere that meets your specific requirements. You need a place that allows you to conduct your business on your terms. In this article we explore modern-day office solutions for today’s growing army of entrepreneurs. This includes solopreneurs and net-entrepreneurs too.

Thinking BIG

Never before have we seen such an influx of entrepreneurs the world over, and particularly in the US. Although there has always been a strong entrepreneurial spirit here, there have typically been more thinkers than doers. It’s a similar story in other parts of the world. People come up with some great ideas, yet only a tiny minority ever follows through with their plan. Fast forward to 2016 and minds are shifting.  Perhaps this is because folks have gotten tired with the way their economy plods along, offering very few prospects or opportunities for growth.

Here’s how the entrepreneurial landscape looked just a generation ago:

  • Of 100 people who start with a plan today, eighty will drop out within six months.
  • Of the twenty left, 16 will drop out within the next six months.
  • Of the four remaining, only one will still be at it six months later.
  • Be that ONE!

This is not so today. We now see plenty of people following through with their long-term entrepreneurial ambitions. There are certainly more doers and fewer talkers around in 2016, that’s for sure.

Times Are Changing

There seems to be a reluctance whereby people no longer want to work for “the man.” They are more determined than ever to go it alone.  People in the twenty-first century are not interested in taking baby steps to grow their business either. Nowadays there’s more ambition, more drive and more self-determination than at any time ever.

Seasoned entrepreneurs have seen an opportunity in this new wave of determined individuals. They have tapped into the mood and come up with what many of these young companies desperately need, which is fully-functional office space. But this is not the inflexible office rentals of yesteryear. These new-age office solutions meet the demands of today’s mobile entrepreneurs. It is an office on demand, a solution without any long-term contracts.

Meet the Virtual Office (Office on Demand)

Unlike the ‘work from home’ office, the virtual office prevents you from stagnating in a solitary environment. Entrepreneurs are dynamic creatures and do not function well with mundane, everyday tasks. They have to be active and stimulated, and you just can’t get that from always working at home – alone! It might be okay at the start, but most home office setups soon lose their appeal for all sorts of obvious reasons. Some of you reading here will surely relate to this.

Virtual office solutions in a nutshell:

  • Office space and meeting rooms on demand (only pay for what you use)
  • Membership to a coworking lounge—hot desking where you work at a desk in a coworking center when you feel the desire
  • The opportunity to meet in style, with a fully equipped conference room, beverage bar and staffed reception to impress clients
  • Virtual help in a whole manner of ways, like a professional business address and live, virtual receptionist

Other Perks of the Virtual Office

There are plenty of other perks to the virtual office too. One of the main reasons that prevented wannabe entrepreneurs starting up in the past were the startup costs. If you needed staff, you had to provide them with a place to work too. There are all kinds of expenses and commitments that come with renting a permanent space. There are also obligations for taking on staff. None of this matters with the available office solutions for today’s entrepreneurs. These coworking and virtual office environments support both budget and business needs. You can find solutions that are short term, by the hour, to rolling month-to-month memberships. Now that’s what you call a flexible business plan.

No Complicated Costs

Let’s face it; you have enough to concern yourself with when building a new business as it is. You certainly don’t need the worry of financial microanalysis. The beauty of the shared office center is that the fees are pretty flat. They include just about everything:

  • Furniture
  • Internet usage
  • Utilities
  • Real estate rent and security
  • Janitorial
  • Even your regular dose of coffee

In other words, you’re not going to settle your bill only to find a bunch of hidden costs in the total. This easy pricing allows you to focus on the things that really matter like growing your new business. You may not want the distraction of phone calls either, especially when you’re busy. Maybe you’re in meetings or concentrating on more important things. Once again, these flexible and comprehensive office solutions can help with that too, thus freeing up your precious time.

Professional phone answering services include the following options:

  • A real person screens all your calls (in real time)
  • Answers your calls precisely as you want them answered
  • Transfer all calls and messages over to you as arranged
  • Manage your appointments
  • Answer FAQs
  • Qualify new business leads

A professional answering service means no more unwanted distractions or missed calls ever again. There are often options for the virtual receptionists to do various admin duties on your behalf too. What these options depend on the coworking, virtual office you attend and the services they provide.

The Conclusion

If you’re an entrepreneur who is trying to grow your business, then you need all the help you can get. Now is the perfect time to be alive for anyone who wants to run with their ideas and turn them into reality.  Gone are the days of high startup costs and long term contracts. As long as your craving for success is grander than any fear you may have of failure, the world really is your oyster. This is your time, the time to spread your wings and make things happen. Remember, if you think about it long enough and work hard enough you will become it, whatever “it” happens to be.

To be a true entrepreneur is not a part time job and nor is it a full time job either. It’s a lifestyle choice, a decision whereby you get to call the shots and determine your own future.  Modern-day virtual office solutions for entrepreneurs have never been better. They allow you to organize and prepare your path ahead, and good preparation is the key to success. Those who fail to prepare are, to all intents and purposes, preparing to fail.

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