Shared Office Spaces Benefit Employers and Employees

You’ve heard the buzzwords. Coworking and shared office space are extolled in the news every day for their supposed benefits to employees. You, however, aren’t an employee. You run the show. You’ve had employees propose remote agreements that allow them to work from these types of spaces or even their homes. A growing body of research is supporting the claims you read on a regular basis, and lending credibility to the proposals for remote work you keep hearing from your employees. Your employees aren’t the only beneficiaries either. The company benefits in a number of key ways.

Increased Productivity

A 2013 study from Stanford University examining the productivity of people working from home for nine months found this group 13.5% more productive than their office dwelling counterparts. While remote working may not be for everyone, there are definitely employees that will excel at it. Remote workers also have more time to spend working because they no longer have to commute. They’re at work when they wake up!

Happier Workers

It is true that happy employees are better workers. And what makes people happy? Making time for the people and activities in their lives that they enjoy. Working from home eliminates wastes of time like commuting to make room for these activities.

Hire Better People

When you allow people to work remotely, you substantially increase the pool of candidates you can draw from. No relocation costs either! You’ll be able to hire the most ambitious, creative, educated, and competent employees regardless of location.

Save Money

The same study from Stanford University found that the company saved $1,900 per remote employee for the nine months of the study. Because you aren’t paying for furnished office space, coffee, and whatever other perks and supplies your company offers, you’ll save on all of those.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider remote working at your company. If you’re still hesitant, give your employees a chance to work outside of the office at a shared office space, such as Office Evolution in Hackensack, New Jersey, once or twice a week. The change of pace and exposure to new environments might be good for employee morale and creativity. You’ll still save money without setting a precedent for future remote agreements!

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