The 4 Secrets to Working Remotely

Working remotely for a lot of solo professionals, entrepreneurs and young startups begins with one main focus: a good, reliable Wi-Fi connection. This typically includes places like local coffee shops, small eateries and even libraries. For a while, these spaces serve a purpose. Still, most remote and mobile workers come to realize that such spaces don’t offer much by way of a long term solution. For that, there has to be a more professional environment if you’re to be efficient and productive throughout your day.

The Successful Remote Worker

To work remotely in spaces like the ones mentioned above have their obvious advantages. You certainly save on overhead costs. But successful remote workers know that public spaces like coffee shops and other Wi-Fi hotspots have their disadvantages. There are just so many distractions, usually unpredictable interruptions, that can break your momentum. Even the unreliable and slow internet and other distractions can steal one’s attention to focus. When distractions do occur, there are three typical consequences, namely:

  1. Disruption to productivity
  2. Loss of creativity
  3. Lack of motivation

The Enemy of Success

Even those who are able to shut themselves off and get into the zone can’t prevent outside distractions. Noisy people might sit next to you; someone else may sit right at the table you’re working at. Mobile phones go off with relentless frequency. And then there are those who just want to chat. Without any question of doubt, distractions are the enemy of success.

If distraction is the problem, peace and order is the solution. At Office Evolution Hackensack, we understand the kind of challenges that face remote workers. We offer practical solutions with our coworking spaces, which we’ll take a look at shortly.

The Art of Working Smart

Not everyone who works remotely is an entrepreneur or solo professional. There are plenty of employees who are required to work from home or other remote locations as well. This group is less likely to hire office space and more prone to work from the home office or public spaces mentioned earlier. How they fare depends on how well they adjust to the modern mobile business model. The key is to work smart. Here are some useful tips on how to adapt to remote working environments.

These four suggestions will help you to improve focus and become better organized.

  1. The 5-to-9 (start the day with a meeting)
  2. Set boundaries
  3. Eliminate distractions
  4. Stay connected

OK, let’s look at these in more detail starting with the early morning meeting:


#1 Start the Day with a Short Meeting

Quite often your work will tie in with the work of others on the same team. The best way to get everyone on the same page is to start the day with a short meeting. The emphasis here is on “short”. Some people refer to them as the “five-to-nine,” as they’re just short engagements for five minutes before the work day starts. They can obviously take longer and start at a time that best suits you.

The idea is to not complicate matters but to clarify everyone’s role before the day begins. A stand-up meeting works particularly well for this. Ironing out any creases or potential misunderstandings is the perfect way to start any day, and it removes or certainly reduces distractions.

Other benefits of the 5-to-9 meeting include:

  • Quick brainstorming when the mind is most alert
  • Unifies the team (anything over one person is considered a team)
  • Meetings are cheap
  • Helps with focus
  • Generates meaningful conversations

#2 Create Structure and Set Boundaries

Having no rules or boundaries, or letting old ones fall by the wayside, is asking for trouble. Whether you work alone or are part of a team, clear structure and set boundaries is vital if you’re to succeed as a remote worker. Sometimes, the easiest way to do this is to just take the office rules with you to your remote environment, and then tweak them if necessary. This might include having the same lunch time (and duration), including any other breaks.

If browsing Facebook or glancing through twitter-feeds is not a part of your office routine, then don’t let social media distract your remote working arrangement either. Whatever your rules and boundaries are, they will be unique to you and your circumstances. The most important of all the rules is to adhere to your new arrangement no matter what.

If you have problems adjusting, you may want to consider coworking spaces. Or at least think about it until you can form some good habits before going totally solo. At Office Evolution Hackensack, many people find the coworking business lounge is a great place to get some social energy in a professional environment. It’s also a place to meet likeminded people. Here you can learn from others with more experience on how to work with better discipline and confidence in a serious yet enjoyable work environment.

#3 Eliminate Distractions

If you work in public spaces, eliminating distractions is easier to say than it is to do. This is by far the biggest challenge and potential setback for any novice remote worker. Again, this is where your rules and set boundaries come into play. We all know how a quick check on a social media account can end up being a lengthy engagement. Don’t be tempted! Whatever you need for the “working day” ahead, stick to it and don’t stray from the rule unless it’s unavoidable.

If you work from a busy coffee shop, look for somewhere quieter. Have set times where you check emails and don’t be tempted to check between those times. Don’t open any internet sites or computer programs that are not work-related. One survey revealed that 64 percent of office workers visit non-work related websites on a daily basis. Don’t do it, it’s a distracting habit that will set you back. As long as you setup a structure and stick to boundaries, you should be able to become more productive working remotely compared to at an office. But you do need discipline.

#4 Stay Connected

The remote worker who isolates themselves chooses to disconnect from the outside world. Although there may be times where seclusion seems ideal, in most real-world situations it’s far from perfect. Being able to socialize and collaborate is fundamental for anyone who works from home or other remote locations. Staying plugged in with your fellows can mean the difference between a successful arrangement and one that fails. This doesn’t mean your door is always open, or that you’re inviting interruptions. Remember, fixed rules and set boundaries. Smart networking is all about constructive communication and mutual cooperation. Make sure you stay connected.

Moving On – The Next Stage

If you work alone and do not have like-minded people around you, you may want to consider moving your workspace to a more professional co-working environment. This is a smart move if you run your own operation or you are a remote employee telecommuting. At Office Evolution we know what it takes to provide professional environments for remote workers. We design our spaces with you in mind and understand your challenges and commitments. That’s how we get to provide flexible options and packages that meet your unique needs and set of circumstances.

If you’re thinking about moving your workspace from the home office or coffee shop, why not give us a call today and explore all your options.

Our coworking and virtual office solutions at Office Evolution Hackensack business center include:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices
  • Coworking lounge
  • Shared reception
  • Business address including mailboxes
  • Virtual receptionist services
  • A beverage bar that is complementary—unlike your local coffee shop

Are you a busy professional who is ready to become part of a vibrant community? Are you keen to collaborate with people who share the same or similar interests to you? If yes, then give us a call today to arrange a tour. Learn how you can become more professional, productive, and profitable!

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