The Move from Home Office to Virtual Office in New Jersey

For some freelancers and independent professionals, the home office works well, at least for a time. Others soon outgrow the home setup, especially those who have ambitions to expand their business. Either that or the home office stops working for different reasons.

The new way of conducting business, particularly for more mobile operations, is to use virtual office solutions. Our New Jersey coworking center in Hackensack is a perfect example. We’ll look more into Office Evolution in Bergen County, NJ shortly.

Here are four of the common setbacks with a typical home office arrangement:

  • Isolation
  • Distractions
  • Lack of motivation
  • Amateurish impression

Those new to working at home most likely don’t see the above setbacks. But after a while, the majority of people looking to grow their business’ revenue will soon relate to several of the four points.

#1 Home Isolation

In the beginning, it feels like the perfect solution. The noise of a busy office or other workplaces is gone and the peaceful home office seems like bliss. However, this doesn’t last for long—in most cases. Science has proved that human interaction and networking are fundamental to progress. After a while, the silence of a home office can become deafening. It then becomes easy to fidget, get bored, and lose focus. And then there are the unwanted distractions.

Working in a proper, well-managed office environment means you get to interact and network with other like-minded people. This can be both healthy and productive.

#2 Home Distraction

You will first set some ground rules and perhaps everything starts off fine, but distractions don’t only come from others in the home. Door to door salesmen, postmen, and other callers may also disrupt your momentum. Friends, relatives, and neighbors might also be tempted to stop by knowing that you’re at home. And when the kids come home for school, they think it is play time for everyone, including you. And then there are other external noises that are out of your control and could grind on your nerves, like traffic, people talking outside, and so on. Other home distractions include the kitchen, TV, and house chores. All of a sudden, folding laundry is more appealing than writing that difficult document.

A professional workspace in an office setting eliminates productivity sapping home distractions.

#3 Lack of Motivation

Over time, a lack of motivation can be the curse of the home office setup. There’s no one to share ideas with or bounce problems and solutions around with. There’s also no one there to guide or push you or to give you a pat on the back for a job well done.

Working with others, or just being around people, is often a great way to stay motivated and focused.

#4 Amateurish Impression

People who are prepared to pay good money for a product or service will always insist on trust and professionalism. Anyone who fails to impress won’t get as many prospects calling as those who do. The home address, or a PO Box number, is not professional looking, the latter even appearing shady. A proper business, one that’s hoping to grow and have others take seriously, doesn’t operate from the kitchen table or spare bedroom for too long. It certainly doesn’t have the home address as the business address, unless it’s a shop or other concern where the home doubles as a public service.

Office Evolution in Bergen County, NJ can rent you a business address and mail box. This address is yours to use for all areas of your business. Even if you work from home or coffee shops, your business address stays the same. Your professional business address is a physical address located in an impressive, centrally located building. This looks great when you list your company on Google Maps. Also worth noting is that your business address shows just the suite number, not the box number, so it looks 100% professional.

A physical business address at a great location makes you look bigger and more professional. It allows you to create a better online presence, for example, setup a Google My Business page.

Time to Move from Home to Office

Moving from the home office or coffee shop is no longer the ordeal it once was. We’ve all heard the saying ‘Home Sweet Home’ but never ‘Home Sweet Office’. It’s because the home was never meant to be a permanent office space, or at least not for developing businesses. For most people looking to expand their business operations, the key reasons moving out of the home office boils down to two things: growth and a serious need for more professional working space. Although home might have gotten comfortable and felt convenient, in the longer term it’s a setback. After all, there’s only so far you can take a business working from a spare bedroom or the kitchen table. When the home office starts to take over the entire house, that’s another good sign that it’s time to move out.

Here are seven other things that suggest the home has outlived its purpose as an office:

  1. You need to hire new people
  2. There’s an increased need to meet with clients and prospects
  3. You need new equipment
  4. You’ve accumulated a lot of stuff
  5. It’s starting to annoy family members or roommates
  6. You need conference rooms or meeting rooms
  7. The business is starting to bring in more revenue

Virtual office providers—of which Office Evolution Hackensack in New Jersey is part of a national leader—offers a variety of options to help you efficiently move out of the house with ease and cost effectively. Not only are our plans highly affordable, but they also give you and your business the presence it’s been lacking from the home location. Or let’s assume you’re stuck somewhere between the two, and still not quite ready to move out of the home office. You can still take full advantage of an Office Evolution professional business address and mail delivery forwarding service. This way you look bigger and more professional, even though you’re still working from home—unbeknown to clients.

When you do need more space, you can rent it on demand and meet clients at your new physical business address. You can also work in the shared workspace—a coworking business lounge. This is why these solutions are called the virtual office. It’s a simple business solution and one that makes the best of both worlds.

Many people start out with a business dream of working from home. But as you can see, the home does have its limitations. Having access to a separate, professional, fully-equipped office environment is a smart plan. Mobile businesses and independent professionals who use virtual business solutions in New Jersey find this to be a perfect alternative to conventional office setups. They will tell you that these are more productive places to conduct business than either a traditional office or the home setup.

Reach out to Office Evolution Hackensack in the heart of Bergen County New Jersey to learn more.

At Office Evolution Hackensack, we provide virtual office, coworking, and private office solutions at our shared office center. We offer meeting rooms, offices, a shared workspace coworking lounge, a shared reception, a business address, and virtual receptionist services. We have many options and price points, and all terms are flexible. Plus, you become part of a community of like-minded professionals.

Whether you live in Teaneck, Bergenfield, Maywood, Teterboro, Hasbrouck Heights, Moonachie, Little Ferry, Rochelle Park, Dumont, Bogota, River Edge, New Milford, Hackensack, Englewood, Paramus, Tenafly, Fort Lee, and other communities nearby in Bergen and Essex counties, choosing Office Evolution Hackensack in New Jersey will help you be more professional, productive, and profitable.

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