The Virtual Assistant | People Still Need People

The so-called virtual workforce is growing at an unprecedented rate. Despite this, there are still millions of businesses who are unfamiliar with the concept of the virtual worker. This is different to telecommuters, who tend to be permanent employees who work from home or other remote locations. The virtual workforce is a valuable national and international pool of solo professionals, contractors and freelancers. Savvy businesses exploit this talent of independent workers by employing them as and when they need their help. Already you can see the attraction of that, just by saving on permanent staff salaries. There will always be a place for the traditional employer/employee arrangement, but it’s no longer the only option open to those running a business.

No Man or Woman Is an Island

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, we all need other people to achieve success. None of us are totally self-sufficient; we have to rely on others to some extent. Even those in the virtual workforce often employ the services of their fellow virtual workers to do certain tasks. After all, a small mobile business still needs people to function. The point is they won’t always need fulltime staff all the time, and nor do they have to commit.

The Value of a Live Virtual Assistant

Depending on the business, many professionals spend a lot of time away from their desk. There may also be times when it’s not possible or convenient to take calls. Yet business still has to go on even when the boss is away doing other things. If it doesn’t, there’s always a risk of losing work or missing out on valuable deals. This is where the services of a virtual assistant become priceless.

US-based virtual assistants are available from Office Evolution Hackensack. They can take your calls as and when you need them. This is a professional, invaluable service that offers the following benefits:

  • Answer calls based on your specific requirements—sounding like your fulltime employee
  • Screen all your calls as you request
  • Present qualified callers to you at the agreed times
  • Transfer all qualified calls over to you on request
  • Make and confirm appointments on your behalf—managing your calendar

The Game Changer

As you can see, the virtual assistant is both a game changer and a time saver. A virtual assistant makes a business stable and consistent in the eyes of prospects and clients. When you don’t have phone distractions you can concentrate your efforts on other areas that could better use your attention. Ringing phones can really mess with plans and interrupt important face-to-face meetings, especially when it’s constant. At the same time you don’t want to miss potential business or appointments by ignoring the phone. This is where the virtual assistant can step in and offer the perfect solution for busy professionals.

To be free from answering calls is liberating, especially when there’s a lot of other work to be getting on with. There’s also plenty of research that suggests too much time on the phone can increase stress levels. There can be plenty of stress-related things going on sometimes without adding to the pressure. I’m sure some of you reading here can relate to that.

The Way Forward

Whether people like the concept or not, the reality is that remote and mobile workers now play a significant role in today’s workforce. Plenty of companies and individuals nowadays already make use of this, and that includes benefiting from a virtual workforce. This is the new interconnected world we live in, and it’s a concept that’s going to become more commonplace as time passes.

Our Office Evolution co-working center in Hackensack offers an ideal place for independent workers, small firms and solo professionals to operate from. It also provides virtual assistant services for members who never use our physical business center. Some will work from home part of the time and at other times make use of our workspaces. Others use the coworking space as their fulltime office. They even use our business and mailing address with mailbox and mail forwarding facilities. The point is there are now tools and facilities to accommodate this growing virtual sector

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