We Love Coworking Spaces and So Will You

In many ways, coworking is a bit like internet dating was when that first made an appearance. To begin with, everyone thought it was a bit odd, sad even, and reserved for the oddballs of society. Fast forward a few years and the internet became the new norm in the world of dating. It’s the place where people get to meet likeminded others. These are folks who would otherwise have never met. Well, the co-working space has gotten off to a similar start. Like internet dating, it too had its critics early on, but not anymore. Now everyone is starting to see this new phenomenon for what it really is. The shared office space is a unique style of work area that serves a very specific purpose. It’s an environment that offers privacy, flexibility, and reliability, and at affordable costs too. It’s a space where people’s paths cross that may never have crossed if it wasn’t for these shared working environments.

Why People Love Co-working Spaces

There is plenty to love about the coworking spaces of today. If you’ve yet to experience them, you’re in for a treat. Coworking really has opened up new opportunities. It has revolutionized the way independent workers go about setting up their businesses.

Here are seven great reasons why folks fall in love with the shared office experience:

  1. Affordability and flexibility
  2. Social interaction with likeminded others
  3. Gets you out of the house (isolation is unhealthy and less productive in the long term)
  4. No noisy distractions
  5. Offers a proper and impressive business and mailing address
  6. Potential business opportunities with coworkers
  7. The feeling of going to work


Affordability and Flexibility

Few people starting out alone can afford to commit to a long lease on a private office. Even those who can would probably sooner invest the money went elsewhere. When all’s said and done, you never know where you might end up in six or twelve months down the line. The last thing you want is to have an office lease tied round your neck if you need to relocate or change the course of your business in some way. The good news is that you don’t have to.

Coworking provides you with office space on demand. You can have a coworking membership that allows you access to a hot desk – access to a desk in a shared coworking lounge—through to your own private office or team room, with several options in between. You can even hire meeting rooms, conference rooms, if that’s what you need. The most important thing to note is that you only pay for what you use. Offices and meeting rooms are available for as short as 15 minutes, and if you decide to become a member, the terms are month-to-month. It’s a wonderful concept. It’s incredibly affordable because of what it offers in terms of flexibility and price.

If you rent your own permeant traditional office directly from a landlord, on the other hand, you have to keep paying whether you use the space or not. You also have to concern yourself with things like utility bills, furniture, and internet service. None of these things are your concern when you work in a shared office, coworking center.

Social Interaction with Likeminded Others

Those who underestimate the power of “real-world” interaction are the ones who miss out on all kinds of opportunities.  People can, and often do, get to make some great contacts in the shared office, coworking environment. People often talk of how a co-worker helped them to solve a problem they themselves couldn’t fathom. These trendy working environments can turn out to be more than just a shared physical space, they become your community. In general, the working office is very quiet and everyone is busy getting on with their tasks. It is lunch times and short breaks in the kitchen and at the beverage bar where a lot of the valuable interactions may take place.


Gets You Out of the House

You often hear people boast about how they go to work in their pajamas. I can tell you that working in your sweatpants and old t-shirt will not get you fired up. It’s also something of a misconception to think you can get more done at home because it’s just not true. At least not in the majority of cases it’s not. Spend a few days at a coworking space and you will see. There are just too many subtle distractions in the home. All those minutes mount up to many lost hours over the course of a month.

It’s also unhealthy to isolate oneself by working at home alone on a regular basis. Too much social isolation is never a good thing. It is something that demotivates people in the long term and affects their socialization skills. That’s not what you want if you’re trying to plug into the world of business. Having a coworking space gets you out of the house and plugged in to the wider world.

No Noisy Distractions

Despite the number of people who can gather in a single shared office space, it can be incredibly quiet. In fact, you can often hear a pin drop. Everyone is respectful of the importance of peace and quiet. These places are a lot quieter than your average office. Places like Office Evolution Hackensack in New Jersey have phone booths for private calls. All the chit-chat and swapping of ideas waits until people go out for lunch or meet in the communal kitchen for a coffee break. There’s a wonderful ambience in a modern shared work environment. It’s one where people really get to focus and work on their projects. The coworking space is popular for many reasons. Having no noisy distractions is just one of many.

The All-Impressive Business and Mailing Address

Oftentimes, today’s solopreneurs, startups and go-it-alone professionals want to create a professional, impressive brand. You’re not going to do that with a home address and a photo of private residence coming up on Google Maps. And a PO Box has links to secrecy, shady dealings and an impression of general mistrust. Besides, a business profile on Google requires a commercial business address—home addresses are not allowed. No, if you want to create and maintain a professional image then you need a professional looking mailing address.

The virtual office can provide you with a professional mailing address.  Not only can you have a physical mailbox but also a mail forwarding service if you want it. Check out Office Evolution Hackensack, NJ for more details on this useful feature.

Potential Business Opportunities Among Other Coworkers

If you need a website constructing, you’re likely to find a skilled web developer or programmer among the coworkers at your shared office. And if there’s no one there, one of your coworkers will surely be able to recommend someone. The same goes for any other service or facility you may need. There will be all kinds of people with a whole variety of skills at your co-working space. Your own skills may also be in demand. In short, the shared office can be a one stop shop for all your business needs. Who knows what deals and opportunities may arise from your shared space. That’s not the primary purpose of these coworking offices, but it can be a valuable spin off all the same.

Membership at a coworking space can plug you into the local business community and events. At Office Evolution Hackensack, we support members from surrounding New Jersey towns like Teaneck, Bergenfield, Bogota, River Edge, New Milford, Englewood, and Maywood.

The Feeling of Going to Work

When you operate from home alone you don’t have to go to work because you’re already there. It’s a novel idea but one that soon wears thin after a while. If there’s one thing that all independent workers need it’s to maintain momentum. This is hard to do when working from the home office. The way to acquire that get-up and go-somewhere, do-something feeling is to have a routine whereby you go to work. Heading out to a coworking space – your co-working space – means you get to go to work and run the day on your terms. Many people have a hybrid setup—they work from home sometimes and at other times they are at a coworking space. It’s a great feeling and one that gives you real purpose, direction and motivation.

These are some of the reasons why we love the coworking environment and think you will to, once you plug in and join this growing community of ambitious, independent workers.

At Office Evolution Hackensack, we understand the unique challenges of being an entrepreneur and professional and we have designed our services and workspace with you in mind. 

Our Virtual Offices and Private Offices have flexible packages and options to suit your specific needs. We offer meeting rooms, offices, a coworking lounge, a shared reception, business address, and virtual receptionist services. We have many options and price points, and all terms are flexible. Plus, you become part of a community of like-minded professionals.

Whether you live in Teaneck, Bergenfield, Bogota, River Edge, New Milford, Hackensack, Englewood, Paramus, and other communities nearby, choosing Office Evolution Hackensack in New Jersey will help you be more professional, productive, and profitable.

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