Why Your Business Needs an Impressive Address with Private Mailbox

One of the first considerations when forming a new mobile or home-based company is where to have your mail delivered. Some will argue that any new business needs a mail and address service, but does it?  What’s wrong with using the home address for the purpose? Well, your personal residence may seem like the logical choice, but think again. There are four very good reasons why a home address may not be the best solution for your business needs:

  1. It can look amateurish in the eyes of potential clients. Some will look up your address on Google Maps
  2. Online business profiles—like Google Business Page and Yelp—need a commercial address
  3. People may turn up on your doorstep uninvited
  4. It’s healthy and beneficial to separate home life from work

First Impressions Matter

At Office Evolution we understand the importance of those first encounters. Our mailing address services in Hackensack let independent professionals and telecommuters put their company firmly on the business map. These solutions give you the professional edge that new companies need in competitive markets. When you give your business a real street address, it acts as so much more than just a point to receive physical mail.

The key benefits of a professional mail delivery and address service include:

  • A locking mailbox with a permanent address
  • Online exposure (essential for modern business), like Yelp and Google Maps
  • Helps to grow your company online (digital footprint)
  • Business address looks impressive on marketing materials
  • Mail security (you’re the sole key holder)
  • Privacy for your and your family
  • Convenience

We’ll break some of these benefits down shortly and view them in more detail. Before we do that, let’s take a look at why a business mailing address with private mailbox at Office Evolution Hackensack is superior to a standard Post Office Box (PO Box).

Home Address Vs PO Box Vs Physical Address

A standard Post Office Box (PO Box) is better than a home address but not as good as a professional mail and address service. A PO Box is cheaper, but it costs less for good reasons. To start with, a PO Box only allows USPS, or US Postal Services. This is a problem if you need to receive items or packages sent via other mail delivery services like FedEx or UPS. A PO Box may look unprofessional, or even shady to some potential clients, depending on the nature of your business. In some cases, companies and clients may even refuse to ship to a PO Box. Also worth noting is that it’s not always permissible to use a PO Box as a business address on formal company matters and certain paperwork. In addition, many online profiles, including a Google Business Page, won’t accept a PO Box. This means your business will not show up as a business listing in Google’s natural organic searches.

An Office Evolution professional business address with mailbox works in a similar way to a PO Box only better. The obvious benefit is the physical “street” address for your company. This is a proper bricks and mortar address in a reputable location. You can use it as if it were your own private office. Your address will not have any hint that you only have a mailbox at this address. That means it can go on all your business stationery and any personal paperwork. As for the mailbox, you can receive items and packages from any shipper, including FedEx, DHL and UPS.

For a company, a physical street address looks more professional than both a home and a PO Box address. Remember too, your professional address will give your online presence a boost, and that includes a powerful business profile with Google.

The Four Highlights of a Business Address Service

Here are the four main highlights for using an Office Evolution business address service:

  1. Google Search (this includes Google Maps)
  2. Privacy
  3. That all-important first and lasting impression
  4. Convenience and ease of use

#1 – Why Google Matters to Your Business

Google matters because people can find you and your company in local search results. For this you need a physical address (Google disallows PO Boxes). Showing up in the organic search results is akin to free advertising for you and your business. You can use your Office Evolution Hackensack mailing address as a part of your internet marketing approach. You then get to increase your visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs.

#2 – The Privacy Issue

The privacy issue is not always something that concerns people when they first set up in business. This is why they are happy to use their personal residence as their business address. But once you start to increase your online presence, do you really want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing exactly where you live? And it’s almost inevitable that some prospects or sales people will turn up on your front doorstep unannounced. This reason alone makes the private mailbox appealing. A mail service with a mailbox also keeps your company correspondence separate from your personal letters and packages. This means there’s no risk of important business post getting lost or mixed-up with your home mail.

#3 – First and Lasting Impressions

First impressions matter because they last, either in a good way or a bad way. You only get one shot to make a first impression, and a professional business address certainly contributes to this. It matters to you what people think, what they want and what they believe about you and your operation. Depending on your profession, there will be some prospects who won’t take you seriously with a home address or a PO Box. A proper street address and zip code at an impressive office building not only looks significant, it also makes you appear more established compared to the other options.

#4 – Convenience

As we’ve seen, there are real benefits to having a street location for your online presence (website and email). It also creates a good first impression with your physical business material (cards, stationery, etc). A business address certainly gives authority to your personal branding.

Aside from the street address, we offer mail forwarding services for those who need it. Furthermore, we sort all your mail as it arrives during normal business hours. We then place it straight into your mailbox so that it’s there waiting for your to pick up.

We design all our services with you in mind, so why not give us a call at Office Evolution Hackensack today. Explore your options with our mail and address plans and features, and ask about our other member benefits. It could be the best call you’ve made in a long time.


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