5 Simple Reasons Why Coworking is Right for Startups

Starting a business whether it be as a freelance writer, consultant, solo attorney or other entrepreneurial professional requires office space, reliable technical support and a host of other resources to make it a success.

Your home is always an option, but it comes with many drawbacks such as the lack of professional meeting space, distractions (especially if you have children and / or pets), a proper business address and limits on your ability to scale as needed to name a few.

Then there is the coffee shop for the chronically hip. Popularized in movies and TV shows, the entrepreneur with the laptop and latte in the back of Central Perk is more image than reality. The same drawbacks as working from your home apply with the added disadvantage of being in a public space with NO office support or resources except what you can carry.

To address the limitations of using a home or coffee shop to conduct business, the idea of coworking came into being. Coworking spaces have been created to allow entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and work-from-home professionals a place to work without many of the overhead expenses associated with traditional office space.

Today, coworking companies such as Office Evolution Herndon have thoroughly professionalized the coworking experience making it the go-to option for small businesses and entrepreneurs. There are many good reasons why coworking is the best option, namely:

1. It’s affordable

With the advent of coworking companies like Office Evolution Herndon, there are so many office space options that you can find the right fit on almost any budget. It may cost more than stealing WiFi at a coffee shop, but it’s much more affordable than a long-term office lease. Plus, it gives you access to a full spectrum of office support services that you probably don’t have at your home and certainly not at the local caffeine fix. (Office Evolution Herndon comes with great complimentary coffee and tea anyhow.)

2. The ability to scale space as your business grows

Coworking companies are designed to be flexible and accommodate growth. Have two employees one month and five the next? No problem, you can switch to a bigger office down the hall. Need to rent a conference room for a sales presentation next week? No worries, they got you covered. Need someone to screen your calls? You guessed it; they can do it.

3. They got things you don’t even know you need.

Coworking companies are very familiar with the needs of startups, and most of them offer a variety of services that can help your business grow — these range from a staffed reception area to live answering services and mundane things like private mailboxes and free parking, technical and AV support, voicemail to email translations, and so on . Even if the company itself can’t help, the entrepreneur next to you or down the hall might.

4. Organic networking opportunities.

The image of coworking dominated by young people doing tech stuff is quickly changing. It is now much more diverse. For every tech startup, there’s a solo lawyer, financial consultant or a video production company. You just never know who you may meet and what they can add to your business.

5.  A mutually supportive environment.

You are not alone. Starting a business or scrambling for clients can be daunting. Doubts creep in as the late nights pile up. Don’t underestimate the positives of surrounding yourself with smart, hard-working people who are going through the same thing or vividly remember doing so. Whatever challenges you are facing, there’s probably someone next to you or down the hall who faced the same or similar issue. There is something comforting being around others that have been there and made it through.

Not all coworking spaces are equal, however, and few provide a full suite of services and solutions that savvy entrepreneurs demand. Office Evolution Herndon, offers affordable, convenient, flexible private and shared workspaces with numerous business support services such as staffed reception, community printer/copier/scanner, free wireless internet, private mailboxes, conference rooms, telephone and live answering services and much more – meeting the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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