Member Spotlight: Nona Phinn, Founder & CEO of THuS Marketing

Who Are You?

I am a single mom with the best daughter ever to be born! I am an entrepreneur by accident and pleased to say, “I love it when mistakes turn into our greatest life adventures, igniting our unknown purpose just anticipating discovery.” I try my best never to follow my own wisdom. Instead, I work hard to gain all my insights from God.

Why Did You Chose Your Profession?

I chose marketing due to its dual strength. This field requires both heart and science. Without a good dose of logic and creativity, marketing will fall flat. It compels me to tap into my inner being and forces me to bring my mind to the table. It’s the best of both worlds! I get to use all of me in the work that I do.  

What do You Do For Fun?

Fun! What’s that? I think I remember. For fun, I spend time with my little girl and my mom. We are a trio of laughing clowns. From movies to vacations, these are my ride or die. I wouldn’t be much without these two ladies helping me keep life in balance.



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Twitter: @MarketingThus