Allwork Podcast: Mark Hemmeter & Frank Cottle - “The Future of Work”

What Unifies the Nation’s #1 Coworking Franchise?

Office Evolution’s Founder and CEO Mark Hemmeter on the concept of community in the company and the future of flexible workspace

Recently, Mark Hemmeter, the Founder and CEO of Office Evolution spoke to Frank Cottle in the Allwork podcast called, “The Future of Work.” Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and having been born and raised in Hawaii, Mark brings a unique perspective to the franchising space. In the interview, he discusses his background, his vision, and his philosophy of culture that drives the success of Office Evolution.

Mark explains the 3 components of Office Evolution’s business model, which he says has been resilient to all the economic ups and downs of the past 18 years —

“Our focus is on local and small business owners, building in suburban locations close to where our people live, and most importantly, ensuring we are locally operated. Currently, we have 73 open Office Evolutions locations and 63 of them are owned by local franchisees.”

Mark believes in the Hawaiian concept of Ohana, or family. To Mark, Ohana is a group of people working together for a common cause. Office Evolution’s cause starts with its customers—

The most successful franchisors are those that realize that their success is based on the success of their franchisees.

“Our team has rallied around this concept of Ohana. We serve our franchisees, and our franchisees expertise makes the system better. We are all small business owners together making our way through our businesses. It unifies us. … It’s a shared vision!”

No one threw rocks through the pandemic.

I credit that to the power of Ohana.

“Our customers all started their own small business. They believed in their own talents. They wanted to spend more time with their family. They were sick of the commute. They were sick of missing their children’s games and activities. It was all about family to begin with!”

Mark says going forward, Office Evolution is becoming even more flexible than we have been in the past, offering part-time workspace available only when you need it. Also, what people need to know is that—

We allow every customer to use any OE location in the United States 24/7.

 Office Evolution.

A great value with an amazing culture and a national reach.

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Listen to Mark on Allwork’s “The Future of Work” podcast.

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