Member Spotlight: System N Software

Member Spotlight: Scott Ware President of System N Software

Scott Ware, President of System N Software is Office Evolution Hillsboro’s December 2020 member of the month. We wanted to learn a little more about what they do and who they are in our Ohana so we asked him a few questions .

About Scott Ware President of System N Software

For over 30 years the owner, and senior engineer and technician, Scott Ware, has custom built and repaired computer PCs, laptops, and servers for his customers. He and his team also sell laptops, desktops, gaming accessories, and much, much more. We install digital recording studios and their equipment, and security camera systems for homes and businesses. A popular and beneficial service we offer is computer data retrieval and maintenance.

Since 1989, at the age of 16 years old, Scott realized the world was a lot bigger than Greenville MS where he came from. He’s worked with major companies such as Sony®, Intel®, Apple®, Hewlett Packard®, Toshiba®, Acer®, just to name a few, before starting his own company. Our team goal is to build an advanced technical city where imaginations have a real chance to come to life. Scott’s ultimate dream – To produce a new, future generation of computer technicians and engineers who weren’t given the proper opportunities to develop their own dreams.

What makes your company different?

System N Software believes it is our responsibility to help bridge the gap between technical and non-technical individuals because this knowledge is critical in our own human development. We know that technical knowledge equals human connection. It’s not about technology, it’s about people. We strive to help assist our customers that are technologically challenged how to use and understand new technology. And that there are companies here that won’t let them continue to struggle, while helping to create newer technology for our customers’ future.

What do you do for fun?

Scott and his family like to ride bikes throughout their community, saying ‘Hello!’ to their neighbors and friends. They also like to take short vacations, local and nationwide, to check out what’s new going on in the area. For fun, they also like to challenge friends and family playing video games, flying drones, racing electric cars, and etc., wherever and whenever they

can. What’s fun to their entire team at System N Software is to help develop and advance all people to engage in our new technical industry (e.g. feeding their curiosity). The pandemic has proven to escalate our understanding that the fact is – technology is no longer a convenience but an essential.

How has Office Evolution helped you?

When we first met the business center manager, Chelsea Jaquette, she was warm and friendly, and we felt extremely motivated to potentially do business with her and the company she presented. We were given the chance to visualize not only what we were, but what we could become as a business in our community. The opportunities she explained truly made us think of our community on a much larger scale. Office Evolution offers dedicated private offices and conference meeting spaces, a photography and podcast studio, mail and phone services, and a business

lounge which all of which are lifelines to start, maintain, and succeed as a business. The building’s exterior has a corporate look and has served our business to portray professionally. And the interior is breathtaking. The owner exceeded expectations in the level of quality interior design and functionality for their clients/renters. We signed and committed ourselves to selected services of theirs in the beginning of October 2020, and we plan to increase more service selections in months to come. Office Evolution of Hillsboro truly advanced your business from good to great ‘overnight’.   

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