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Finding the Perfect Conference Room for Your Business Events

With the global shift toward remote work, many employees hunker down at home to power through their workday. But at some point, most companies need to bring their people together for a day or two for training, networking, or just to see people in real life. Finding the perfect conference room for your business events is simple when you know what to look for in a space.

Office Evolution in Hillsboro, OR, has conference rooms, coworking spaces, and private offices to meet your needs. We are a collection of dreamers and doers here at OE, and we’d love to show you around. You can call us at 971-297-1444 to schedule a visit or book a tour online.

Essential Things To Consider When Renting a Conference Room

There are many meeting spaces for rent in the Portland Metro area, but they are not all created equal. Amenities can vary significantly from one property to the next, so do your due diligence when finding the perfect conference room for your business.

Here are some of the most crucial things to pay attention to when choosing a space.

1. Location and Parking

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The cool thing about remote teams is that they can be from anywhere. The tricky thing about remote teams is that they can be from anywhere. When you’re bringing your employees together, it’s important to think about the location of the conference space. 

  • Is it simple to find?
  • Does it have close freeway access?
  • Is there ample parking?
  • Is public transportation nearby?
  • Does it offer inclusive accessibility?
  • Is it close to food and hotel accommodations?

2. Amenities and Comfort

Sitting in a conference room for hours is strangely exhausting. When you need a meeting space for your team or clients, consider the available amenities to keep everyone comfortable. 

Look for a space that offers basic kitchen facilities such as a refrigerator and microwave for storing and preparing food. Be sure the conference room has easy access to coffee, tea, and water to keep everyone going strong throughout the day.

Also, consider the physical comfort of your attendees.

  • Is the room big enough to allow everyone a little space without feeling like sardines?
  • Are there windows to allow plenty of natural light? No one wants to feel like they’re in an interrogation room all day!
  • Is there a restroom nearby for quick access?
  • Are the chairs comfortable enough to sit in for long periods?
  • Can you arrange the tables in different configurations for your needs?

The more comfortable you can keep your people, the more productive your day will be in the meeting space.

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3. Tech Options

In the olden days of the 1990s, conference rooms only needed tables and chairs, with a few pens and notepads for good measure. Now, however, businesses have many more requirements when renting a meeting room.

Video conferences, hybrid events, and business presentations demand significant technology. When looking for a conference room to rent, consider whether you need any or all of the following:

  • Reliable WiFi
  • Monitor
  • Landline
  • Printer
  • HDMI Cables  
  • Charging Stations

It’s also a good idea to make sure the space offers some old-school, low-tech items, such as a whiteboard and markers. And if privacy is a concern for your meeting or event, check that the space has a way to cover public-facing windows.

4. Customer Service

When seeking the best conference room for your business events and needs, consider the support and service the space offers. 

For example, do you want a dedicated staff person to greet your guests and employees? Is it simple to book the space you need? Is there fairly reliable availability? Each meeting space will have different options, so be sure to check with the staff to ensure they can meet your specific needs.

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Conference Rooms and Meeting Spaces at Office Evolution Hillsboro

Whether you need ongoing meeting space or an occasional conference room to rent, Office Evolution is happy to help. Our bright, open floor plan gives you a welcoming spot to hold your next team meeting or client event. 

We have two conference rooms for rent that include plenty of amenities to help you be productive in your time together. We also offer discounts for half, full, and multi-day rentals. If you need a smaller room to meet with one or two clients, we can accommodate that option, as well. Please reach out at 971-297-1444 for information or to schedule a visit, or you can book a tour online.