Office Evolution near Beaverton Member Spotlight Heather McFarland of Floral Healing Coaching and Experiences

Member Spotlight: Heather McFarland, owner of Floral Healing Coaching and Experiences

Celebrating our Ohana!

We are proud of our OE Ohana! Office Evolution Hillsboro hosts a variety of entrepreneurs and remote employees who work hard and embrace the value of community. Throughout the month of January, we are celebrating Heather McFarland, creator of Floral Healing Coaching and Experiences.

About Floral Healing Coaching and Experiences

Floral Healing combines the healing power of fresh flowers with wellness tools to help people welcome in more ease, joy and abundance. Heather offers 1:1 Floral Healing Coaching and a group Certification Program to train people how to heal themselves and others with Floral Healing. Heather also hosts online Guided Flower Meditations and encourages people to turn to flowers as a go to coping mechanism in times of need or celebration.


Get to Know Heather McFarland

Tell us about your business:
I created an entire healing modality called Floral Healing. It combines the healing power of flowers with wellness tools to help people welcome in more ease, joy and abundance. I started as a therapist and I’ve evolved into being a coach so I can work with people all over the world. I train others in Floral Healing and have a Certification Program that teaches people the Floral Healing framework to guide them to heal themselves and others with fresh flowers. 

What are 3 reasons you love your career?
I love creating something new and getting to work with fresh flowers, I love meeting other entrepreneurs and people who resonate with Floral Healing, I love being my own boss.

What are your top tips for other entrepreneurs?
Invest in yourself through coaching, mentorship and self care. You must rest and take time for yourself outside of your business, doing things you enjoy for the simple pleasure of it. Also, celebrate the small victories and wins, it’s important to give yourself credit!

Are you a Dreamer, Risk-taker, or Doer?
All of the above! I am a dreamer in the sense that I see the bigger vision for my business and I aspire to create a worldwide flower wellness movement through Floral Healing. I’m a risk taker because I dared to create something brand new that hasn’t been done before and I stepped out of a job that was practical and defined to create something new. The doer in me allows me to execute my big dreams and take action.

How long have you been an OE Member?
I’ve been a member of OE since 2020. I joined because I needed a business address mailbox and I upgraded to an office because I feel part of the community here. I enjoy getting out of the house and having a dedicated, modern, professional and welcoming workspace.

Tell us a little about yourself:
I grew up in Portland and I’ve also lived in Los Angeles and Spain. I’m an introvert and an empath so I use the Floral Healing tools I created to help me protect and restore my energy as needed. The flowers inspire me and help me connect to my intuition. We have a 10 month old daughter, Fiona, who brings a lot of joy and laughter to our home. It’s so fun to see her change and grow everyday. I love singing to her and making her giggle.

What might we find you doing on a day off?
On a day off, you can find me at home in my garden. I grow my own flowers that I use in my Floral Healing sessions and Guided Flower Meditations. Some of the flowers I grow are dahlias, cosmos, zinnias, forget-me-nots, clarkia and phlox. I find peace in my garden and harvesting my own flowers for bouquets is one of the best feelings. I’m looking forward to the day when Fiona and I can be active in the garden together.


Follow Heather ⬇
Facebook: floralhealingcoaching
Instagram: floralhealingcoaching
TikTok: @floralhealingcoaching




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