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Member Spotlight: Jacquie Walter, owner of Translating Insurance

Celebrating our Ohana!

We are proud of our OE Ohana! The Office Evolution Hillsboro business center is full of amazing entrepreneurs and remote employees who work hard and embrace the value of community. Throughout the month of October, we are celebrating Jacquie Walter, an independent insurance broker and owner of Translating Insurance.


About Translating Insurance

Translating Insurance is a health and Medicare insurance agency, designed to take the confusing language of insurance and help make it easier to understand. We help people find coverage when they are losing group health insurance or state health insurance. We also help those retiring from work to transition to Medicare and individual/family plans. 

Open Enrollment for Individual/Family Health insurance runs November 1st to January 15th this year and it is free for my help. So if anyone is struggling to navigate the 40-50 different options out there, take advantage of my free guidance. I work with all the plans in OR and WA. 

Medicare Annual Election Period runs October 15th – December 7th and I help Medicare beneficiaries make sure that their prescription drugs and Preferred Providers will be covered well for next year. I work with all the major carriers in the Portland and Vancouver markets and am even adding a new carrier coming to town with some amazing Dental Benefits!! 

Get to Know Jacquie Walter

Why did you choose your profession?
I chose to be a Medicare and Health Insurance broker because I love helping people. I have gone without insurance before because I didn’t understand the system and I didn’t think I could afford it. So, it’s my goal to help those who don’t understand how insurance works to maximize their coverage and find affordable care so they don’t become liable for a major catastrophic event or worse, put off getting care for a serious illness because they are not covered or worried about the costs.  

Favorite thing about your business?
I truly love helping people understand the nuances of insurance, and I help relieve the burden of hours and hours of research by being proficient in the plans so they can make informed decisions.

What are 3 reasons you love your career?
I love helping people, I love teaching people, and I love networking with others to help them grow their business.

What are your top tips for other entrepreneurs?
Successful businesses are constantly marketing, while providing a great brand experience and fulfilling their brand promise. If you don’t meet your client’s expectations, you will not thrive. If you exceed your clients expectations, they will refer their friends and family to you.

What is the best career advice you have received?
Nothing works 100% of the time, but a lot of things can work a lot of the time. Meaning, one marketing solution is not going to work for you 100% of the time. But if you try 3-4 marketing solutions, you may find that they all work enough to bring you the clients you need. 

Are you a Dreamer, Risk-taker, or Doer?
I’m what they call a “Visionary”. This phrase is from the book Rocket Fuel, but basically, I dream big, I take risks and I do a lot of things. But the problem for me is “Implementation” or Integration of the ideas. I don’t like to get into all the nuts and bolts. I want to come up with the great idea, but I have to outsource the actual details and how to make it happen, when to make it happen and if we should even do the venture to someone called an “Integrator”. They are the power behind the ideas. 

How long have you been an OE Member?
I have been with Office Evolution for many years. I love the idea of it because it saves me so much not having to pay monthly rent for a commercial office location. I don’t really want the overhead of a whole space that I have to show up to every day. I love working virtual and then when the occasional client wants to meet in person, BAM I can do it a Office Evolution! Plus, I love the setting!! It’s so peaceful and beautiful and I love when I go in person and get to run into so many people I truly enjoy seeing and catching up with. It’s a great space and my clients like it too! They did a great job decorating it and it’s super classy!

How has OE helped your business?
I don’t have a brick and mortar for my business, so I rely on Office Evolution to be a safe and quiet place for me to meet my clients for Medicare annual reviews and turning 65 enrollments. It’s a great place to have meetings, as well, and I even trained my assistant there since we didn’t have our own office space to meet at.

Medicare broker Jacquie Walter


Tell us a little about yourself.
I am married to a great guy who is engineer minded and helps Translating Insurance with all of the technology and systems integrations and development. We are a blended family with 5 kids, 1 who is an adult and has moved out and 4 that are under 12. We homeschool our kids and love to spend time on the weekends at soccer games, jiu jitsu tournaments, and cuddling on the couch watching movies. We also love long walks on the beautiful trails near our home with our cute dog Cali.

What might we find you doing on a day off?
I don’t like to “sit around” much, so if I have a day off I’ll be cleaning the house, cleaning the garage, doing a project, working or hanging out with my kids. I can’t sit around too much and waste time because I just feel like there’s too much to get done and time is the one thing that is not an infinite resource.  

Who is your favorite author?
I read a lot of growth minded authors like Wayne Dyer, Edwene Gaines, Wallace Wattles, and Napoleon Hill.  But I also enjoy some fiction authors like Ted Dekker and pretty much anything by Brené Brown.

Who is your favorite artist?
I really like listening to Lauren Daigle. I can sing along out loud in my car to any of her songs and feel really happy! 

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? Why?
I have been so fortunate to travel to many many countries as a child and young adult! But I still have a few places on my bucket list: I would love to go to Ireland and I would love to go to Bora Bora. Two totally different places, but both draw me in with their beauty. 

Bucket List item?
Before I leave this earth, I’d love to help others have financial independence by starting their own business. I think being an entrepreneur is fantastic!! It’s hard, it requires work, but it is so rewarding. I would love to help other mom’s or dad’s have a business that is sustainable and allows them time with their kids during the important years.


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Facebook: translatinginsuranceInstagram: translating_insurance

YouTube Channel: Translating Insurance


Book a FREE Consultation with Jacquie for Medicare and Individual/Family Health Insurance, Life Insurance, disability insurance, or Referral Partner Meet and Greets! 




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